Alex Bolotow

Who is Alex Bolotow?

Alex Bolotow is a celebrity’s spouse. Alex Bolotow is neither a famous person nor a social media influencer. He was dating renowned photographer Terry Richardson at the time.

Alex Bolotow: Bio

Alex Bolotow, the American name for Alexandra Bolotwo, was her birth name. Bolotwo is an American citizen who belongs to the white ethnicity. World-renowned for being the spouse of a famous person, Alex. While she was dating renowned photographer Terry Richardson, she began to become the center of his attention.

Quick Facts about Alex Bolotow

Name Alex Bolotow
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession Assistant
Married/Single Married
Husband Terry Richardson
Children Roman and Rex Richardson
Education New York University

Alex Bolotow: Education

She has academic credentials from Columbia University and New York University. At Columbia, she majored in anthropology, while at NYU, she studied communication.

Relationship status of Alex Bolotow?


A non-celebrity named Alex gained notoriety after getting hitched by Terry Richardson. The two initially met when Terry had Alex as an intern. After a short while, they started dating in 2014, and they got hitched in 2017. When the two unexpectedly met, Terry was working as an understudy on the set. You could have heard a love story between a performer and an entertainer, but the romance of this present pair is a little bit unique.

Before they got married, Terry made Alex’s pregnancy known on social media. Alex strikes a similar posture, displaying her noticeable baby bump. Roman and Rex Richardson, their twin sons, were also born in 2017. After the birth of their children, the couple got married. They are now a nice family living together.

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Alex Bolotow: Profession

Molotow worked as an intern at Richardson’s company after majoring in anthropology at Columbia and studying communication at NYU. Even so, she grinned at the camera. She pursues her career while completing her major and bachelor’s degree.

What are Alex Bolotow’s net worth and salary?

Unknown is Alex’s net worth. On the other hand, sources claim that her husband’s net worth is approximately $8 million. An average celebrity photographer makes $48,710 a year. In a similar vein, Bolotow makes more money than he did the year before because he is a professional with extensive work experience. Molotow additionally opened a green store in Woodstock.

Alex Bolotow: Height and Weight

He is 68 kilograms and 5 feet 8 inches tall. Alex is a big man with a solid build. According to his height, he has a healthy body weight.

Social Media Presence

There are no social networking sites where Alex Bolotov participates. She lives by herself with her kids.

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