Ariana Sky Magro

Who is Ariana Sky Magro?

Ariana Sky Magro is the daughter of Jen Harley. Ariana Sky Magro’s mother Jen is a professional businesswoman who is originally from Las Vegas, Nevada, in the United States.

Story of Ariana Sky Magro’s parents

Ariana Sky Magro
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A child was born to Jen Harley and Ronnie Ortiz-Magro. Jen is a socialite, unbiased entrepreneur, and former reality TV actress. She also represents Vogue Nova. They had a close relationship and shared images of their travels with their daughter.

It is real. Ariana’s mother and father are divorced and never in a relationship. Their daughter remained with her father until his conviction for domestic abuse, regardless of their relationship.

As soon as she heard, the mother hastily drove back to her young child. She wishes her child would live at home in a tweet. The fact it was her last time driving flashed later.

Last but not least, she shared a selfie of herself cuddling with her daughter Ariana and commented that although driving is difficult, she will always be there for her.

The father of Ariana, Ronnie, has moved on and is now dating Saffire. She is a specialist in eyelashes. They were spotted in Puerto Rico. The individual uploaded a picture of the woman’s legs wrapped around his waist. The caption for the photo stated that people couldn’t be forced to be happy.

According to reports, he is not interested in marrying one of them. He is enjoying himself and exploring the potential of the connection. Ariana’s mother discussed their strained relationship. She said they were aware of their problems but were powerless to act. The truth was concealed. She admitted that she is now able to see clearly and wants a husband.

Jen made it clear to everyone that she wanted to advance with her partner. She wants a teammate to improve her situation. Despite Ronnie’s incident, he managed to pull off yet another powerful sequence.

He blocked his comments after being imprisoned but texted Joe, Jen’s new friend. Joe wrote on Facebook that Ronnie wasn’t with his girlfriend. Joe recalled the threatening letter her ex-partner had sent him. Jen indicated that legal actions are still ongoing.

Quick Facts about Ariana Sky Magro

Name Ariana Sky Magro
Age 4 years old
Birthday April 3, 2018
Height 3 feet 6 inch
Weight 15 kgs
Instagram N/A
Parents Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Jen Harley
Nationality American
Ethnicity White

What is Ariana Sky Magro’s net worth?

Since Ariana is still so young, it is impossible to quantify her earnings; instead, her mother Jen has an estimated total net worth of $4.3 million.

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