Who Is Ashley Mcarthur? Taylor Wright’s Murderer Trial Verdict And Charges Update, Where Is He Today?

Ashley Mcarthur

In 2017, Taylor Wright, a former police officer, and the private investigator were allegedly murdered by Ashley Mcarthur.

We have information regarding her case and its state in 2022, despite the fact that she has not yet been able to appear on Wikipedia.

In 2019, the court found all of the allegations against her to be genuine, and she was given a life sentence.

Ashley Mcarthur Wikipedia

Ashley Mcarthur, a Florida woman, was convicted of first-degree murder in the killing of Taylor Wright. Wright worked as a private investigator and former police officer.

The month after she disappeared on September 8, 2017, close to Pensacola, Florida, Taylor Wright, a 33-year-old private investigator, and former police officer, was found buried beneath concrete at the edge of a property owned by her friend Ashley Mcarthur’s family. She had been hit once in the back of the skull.

Ashley Mcarthur
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Investigators found that Wright had handed Mcarthur $34,000 for safekeeping while she was going through her divorce, and they claim that Wright met up with her buddy on September 8 before going missing.

On October 19, 2017, the day Mcarthur was arrested and charged with second-degree murder, Wright’s remains were found on the Mcarthur family farm.

2022 Update On Taylor Wright’s Murderer’s Trial And Charges

MacArthur received a life sentence after being convicted guilty of first-degree premeditated murder on August 30, 2019. The 43-year-old is currently incarcerated in the Lowell Correctional Institution, according to sources.

While Mcarthur was out on bail awaiting her trial for the murder of Wright, she was charged in March 2018 with arson, racketeering, and fraud for other acts that occurred before Wright’s death.


According to investigators, while managing her family’s business between 2015 and 2017, Ashley stole tens of thousands of dollars from nearby businesses.

The trial lasted a week, and the prosecution presented several pieces of evidence and witnesses to support their allegation that Mcarthur killed Wright in order to gain finances.

Ashley Mcarthur: Where Is She Now?

She is currently incarcerated at the Lowell Correctional Institution, a women’s prison with a 1,500-inmate capacity close to Ocala, Florida, northwest of Orlando.

The First District Court of Appeal in Florida heard an appeal from Mcarthur over her guilty judgment, but on April 16, 2021, the court upheld the decision.

Mcarthur asserted that the unintended display of a photo showing herself holding and aiming a firearm improperly affected the jury.

Additionally, she argued that the data from her cell phone and the interviews she gave to investigators shouldn’t have been used as evidence.

Details of Taylor Wright’s Murder

Wright disappeared on September 8 of last year. Mcarthur was the last person known to have been with the victim on the day she mysteriously vanished, according to an inquiry.

In addition, Mcarthur’s bank records showed that before utilizing the money, she put a $34,000 cashier’s check payable to the victim into her checking account.

She was the main suspect in the case, therefore the investigators questioned her regarding their ongoing search for the missing person.

Mcarthur told the detectives that she had deposited a cashier’s check in their joint bank account that was made out to the victim. Investigators also questioned Mcarthur over cell tower data that contradicted her claim that she was in Milton and showed she was actually in Cantonment.

Following the interview, the victim’s remains were found beside the farm’s fence off Britt Road, west of County Road 97, not far from Muscogee Road.

They were buried in potting soil and concrete. The farm was owned by MacArthur’s aunt.

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