Caroline Smedvig

Who is Caroline Smedvig?

Caroline Smedvig a well-known orchestra in Boston is the former director of public relations and marketing for the Boston Symphony Symphony, (also known as Caroline Elisabeth Hessberg or Kim). Caroline Smedvig began serving as a trustee for BSO after quitting the company.

In addition to her professional accomplishments, Caroline is well-known for being the spouse of James Taylor, a singer-songwriter and six-time Grammy Award winner. The pair has been together for more than ten years and has two children as well. Additionally, did you know that Rolf Smedvig, a late virtuoso classical trumpeter, and Caroline were married at one point?

Here are some other little-known facts about Caroline, the wife of James Taylor, such as the passing of her parents and other family members. Let’s look more closely!

Caroline Smedvig: Bio, Age, and, Parents

Caroline Smedvig will be 68 years old. On May 31, 1953, she was born. She was brought up in Albany, New York. Albert Hessberg and Elisabeth Fitzsimons Goold are the parents of Smedvig. Her father, a Yale University graduate, was a well-known Albany attorney and a senior partner in the firm Hiscock & Barclay. Additionally, Albert served as the Albany County Bar Association’s president.

Additionally, Smedvig is an American and a member of the Caucasian racial group.

She lost both of her parents.

Her father, a seasoned board member of the Albany Medical Center, passed away there in January 1995. Regarding the reason for death, Albert, who was 78 years old, died of cancer.

Elisabeth, Caroline’s mother, however, passed away in 1991.

Was Raised By Her Two Siblings

Brothers Albert of Albany and Philip of Atlanta are Caroline’s two siblings.

Quick Facts about Caroline Smedvig

Real Name Caroline Smedvig
Birth Date 31 May 1953
Age    78 years
Birth Place Albany, United States
Nationality American
Profession Reporter
Religion Christianity
Sun sign Gemini

Caroline Smedvig: Education

Smedvig completed her education at Albany Academy for Girls in 1971. Later, she attended North Hampton College. She graduated from Smith College and University as well.

Caroline Smedvig: Career and Profession

Previously, Caroline (also known as Kim Taylor) worked for the Boston Symphony Orchestra. She joined the company in 1980 as a publicist and maintained a professional relationship with it up to her departure from BSO in 2004. She later developed and become Volpe’s go-to advisor. Caroline was appointed to the board of its overseers in 2007 and began serving as a trustee in September of that same year.

Smedvig formerly worked for a few newspapers in addition to BSO. In her college years, she worked as a journalist for the neighborhood Knickerbocker News. Later, Kim also had a job with the historic afternoon newspaper, Springfield Daily News.

Relationship status of Caroline Smedvig?

Caroline Smedvig
Biography Zoom: Caroline Smedvig (Source: Google)

Since being married in 2001, the pair have had a happy marriage, and their bond has only grown. Their nuptials took place in Boston’s Emmanuel Episcopal Church’s Lindsey Chapel on February 18 of that year. In front of their 50 friends and family members, they got married.

Additionally, Caroline and James, who have been married for a very long period, are very supportive of one another. And both of them are honest about their long-lasting union. Along with their numerous public appearances, they are frequently seen on musical stages together.

After their initial meeting, it took them two years to begin dating.

In 1993, Caroline and Taylor first crossed paths during a John Williams-conducted Boston Pops concert at Symphony Hall, where Taylor was performing. However, they didn’t begin dating until 1995. Why? Because James was only permitted to see people starting in 1995.

The artist claimed in a previous interview,

I can still remember her from that time, and I wasn’t allowed to see anyone until a few years later.

James also wrote a song to convey his stalled relationship with Carolina. One of the verses in the song reads,

“Caroline I can see you.

He also added,

Even if I’m late, Caroline, I adore you.

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The twin mother is Caroline Smedvig

In April 2001, the couple gave birth to their biological twins, Rufus and Henry Taylor. According to a report in the Boston Herald, Taylor’s family friend who served as the surrogate mother for the twins gave birth to them. In 2000, the unidentified surrogate mother underwent in vitro fertilization. A month before their twins were born, the pregnancy was revealed.

Ex husband of Caroline Smedvig

Caroline was previously married to Rolf Thorstein Smedvig, the late orchestra’s main trumpeter before she wed Taylor. The former lovers exchanged nuptials in Albany in December 1980. After a few years of marriage, though, their romance ended and they went their separate ways.

Rolf later wed Kelly Holub following their divorce.

James Taylor, the husband married twice before Caroline as well.

In November 1972, the renowned artist wed actress Carly Simon for the first time. Before divorcing in 1983, the couple enjoyed several years of blissful marriage. Sally and Ben, the former lovers’ two children, were also related. Both of their children have a similar passion for music to their father. Sarah Maria Taylor in particular has developed a very successful singing career.

On December 14, 1985, Taylor remarried Kathryn Walker, who was his second wife. The Cathedral of St. John the Divine hosted their wedding ceremony.

However, in 1996, after more than ten years of marriage, their married relationship also ended.

What is Caroline Smedvig’s net worth?

According to sources, Caroline’s net worth is predicted to be $500,000. James, her husband, currently has a fortune worth $80 million. His lengthy musical career, which has lasted for more than fifty years, has enabled him to amass such enormous wealth.

Lenox is where Caroline and her husband currently call home.

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