CEO Bobby Memphis

Who is CEO Bobby Memphis?

Bobby White and JoJo Splatt are two men who are heavily suspected of Young Dolph being shot by two unknown men who jump out of the Mercedes vehicle.

At this time, Bobby Memphis is a hot topic, and many Young Dolph supporters wanted to see this man punished. We’ll learn in this piece if this man is the true suspect and whether or not he was detained.

Bobby White, AKA CEO Bobby Memphis: Bio

The person suspected of killing Young Dolph is Bobby Memphis. He was made a suspect since his car and the one that was discovered at the crime scene were identical.

Additionally, the fans compared the fashion choices, concluding that the body type and clothing choices are consistent with Bobby Memphis’s style.

The person who shot Young Dolph is sporting the same hat that Bobby White wore in his music video. These men appear to have been in a protracted argument and are now simply bitter enemies.

Quick facts about Bobby Memphis

Name Bobby O’Jay
Real Name Joe Louis Jones
Age 68
Born on 1953
Died on May 3, 2022
Net Worth $1 million

Bobby Memphis, the CEO, was he arrested?

CEO Bobby Memphis
Biography Zoom: CEO Bobby Memphis (Source: Google)

Police officials have not yet confirmed whether he has been arrested or not. However, as footage of his Instagram live video leaked, he became a person of interest for both the police and Young Dolph fans.

Therefore, the police are still looking into this matter and have not yet made any statements concerning this murder case.

In Memphis, on November 17, 2021, Young Dolph was shot down. Hill claimed that as Young Dolph got out of his car to buy cookies from the bakery, someone driving a white Mercedes pulled up and shot him, according to an interview with Fox13 with the bakery’s owner.

Three youngsters are suspected of committing this crime, according to the authorities, and they are conducting thorough investigations to identify the offender.

Bobby Memphis

There is still a lot of information missing about the rapper because he is so new to the music business, but it appears that he is under 25 years old.

He appears to be a newcomer to the rap scene. However, Young Dolph, who is 36 years old, appears to be much older than Bobby. Dolph has been a part of the music business for more than 14 years, and he is continuously putting out music.

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