Charles Luther Manson

Who is Charles Luther Manson?

Charles Luther Manson is the son of the late legendary criminal Charles Manson. Charles Luther Manson, Luther’s father, was the head of the California-based Manson Family Cult.

Nine persons were slain between July and August 1969 by some of the members.

On several occasions, Charles did leave his own family behind while continuing to live a normal life as a husband and father. However, he didn’t have any lasting relationships with any of his family members, including his ex-wives and kids.

Based on what it seemed, they showed little to no interest in the convicted felon. Additionally, each of them managed to conceal themselves from the public in such a way that not even some of their deaths were reported in the media. And Charles Luther Manson, the second son of Charles Manson, is one such name.

Charles Luther Manson: Bio and Age

In the 1960s, Charles Luther Manson was born.

Although The Life and Times of Charles Manson claim he was born in early September 1961, he was born on September 24, 1960.

Charles Luther Manson: Family

His Mother Was A Los Angeles Sex Worker.

According to Jeff Guinn’s Manson, The Life and Times of Charles Manson-Simon & Schuster, Candy Stevens, originally Leona Rae Musser, was born around 1940. (2013).

Jason Freeman, Charles Manson’s grandson, received Manson’s body in March 2018 from the Kern County Superior Court in California.

Biographers have noted that she was in Los Angeles, California when she first met Manson, yet it is unknown where she was born or where her family came from. She was a prostitute at the time. Although it’s not clear if Charles encouraged her to work in this capacity or if she’s always had a job like this.

Additionally, according to Ed Sanders’ book The Family: The Story of Charles Manson’s Dune Buggy Attack Battalion, the police claimed Stevens looked like a Caucasian woman to them.

Relationship status of Charles Luther Manson?

Charles Luther Manson
Biography Zoom: Charles Luther Manson (Source: Google)

To avoid spending time in prison, Charles Luther Manson wed his mother.

The biographies and stories indicate that it was probably in the middle of the 1950s. Additionally, Luther’s mother was working for Charles on the street.

Additionally, she had once told a lie to the court and jury to get them to forgive her murderous husband. Candy threatened to marry Manson and raise a family if they let go.

In December 1959, after being released from prison, Charles drove Candy and another female from California to New Mexico. However, they were apprehended by the police, who then filed new federal charges against the head of the Manson family for breaking the Mann Act, which outlawed moving women across state borders for prostitution.

The marriage of Charles Luther Manson’s parents was a sham.
Manson attempted to wed Stevens after being arrested. He took this action to stop her from giving evidence against him. The law prohibited wives from disparaging their spouses in public. So, in 1959, Luther’s parents got married.

Still, Leona testified, and her former husband was sent back to prison. She reportedly did so to become a “material witness” and have her charges reduced.

Leona became pregnant with Charles Luther Manson in March 1960. She then gave birth to her son as well as Charlie’s son in September 1960.

Leona and Manson, Luther’s biological parents, were divorced in January 1964. For her kid, Candy received sole custody.

Where is Candy Stevens, his mother, now?

After the divorce, Leona Rae Musser had limited contact with their ex-husband. She reportedly tried her best to keep her son and herself away from notoriety and media attention.

She hasn’t made any headlines as of yet.

Charles Stevens, an infamous felon, once married Candy Stevens. Stevens wed Manson in the late 1950s, but the two later divorced. They had a child together.

On the other side, in November 2014, Afton Elaine Burton, a 26-year-old woman from Illinois, became engaged once more to Luther’s late criminal father. But Manson and Burton were unable to wed since the former believed his future wife was just interested in being married to him for attention. Afton asserted that the marriage could not go place since Charles’ marriage license was no longer valid.

However, on November 19, 2017, Luther’s father passed away.

Charles Luther Manson: Siblings

Jay White, Luther’s half-brother (originally, Charles Manson Jr). He was a child of Rosalie Jean Willis and Charles Manson’s first union.

Jay White, the half-brother of Charles Luther Manson, shot himself in the head in Burlington, Colorado, in 1993.

White shot himself in the head in Burlington, Colorado, in 1993, taking his own life. Jason Freeman, the estranged son of White, stated to CNN in 2012 that he thought his father committed suicide because he was Manson’s son. White, though, left no notes for himself.

Like his grandfather, Jason experienced a difficult childhood. According to reports, he also spent time as a youngster in and out of county jails, juvenile detention facilities, and eventually prison. Nevertheless, it has been a while since he began leading a clean life.

Valentine Michael Manson was the third son of Luther’s father, Charles Manson. His loyal supporter Mary Brunner gave birth to him in 1968 in a home in Topanga Canyon. Manson recruited Mary, a campus librarian at UC Berkeley, to join the Manson Family cult.

One year before the murders of Sharon Tate, Charles Manson’s and Mary Brunner’s follower son Michael Brunner was born. (Jessica Q. Chen / Los Angeles Times)

According to rumors, Manson gave his kid Valentine the name of the main character in his favorite Robert Heinlein book, Stranger in a Strange Land.

Valentine, like Luther and Manson Jr., did not live long under his father’s name. Valentine’s guardianship was petitioned for by Mary’s parents in 1970, and they were successful. His name was then changed to Michael Brunner. According to reports, Michael also believes his father is bad and is extremely appreciative of spending his childhood in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, with his grandparents.

Charles Luther Manson has how many other siblings?

How many children Manson fathered while he was still alive is still unknown. The late murderer’s response to a reporter’s inquiry about his family size in 1981 was,

“I don’t know, um. Man, I have a lot of kids. There are occasions when I even mistake you for a youngster.

Some persons claimed to be Manson’s children up to his death, but each of their paternity tests came back negative. Among the names were Ivan, Phoenix, and Zezozose Zadfrack Glutz, all of whom were given to Susan Atkins, Zezozose Zadfrack Glutz, and Sandra Good, Ivan.

Also claiming to be Manson’s heir was Matthew Roberts, a want-to-be rock singer from Los Angeles. Another name that claimed to be Manson’s grandson was Jason Freeman, however, a DNA test revealed that he was Charles’ ancestor. Rebecca Evans-Bonyadi, a Los Angeles resident, also asserted that she was the criminal’s daughter, but there has been no conclusive evidence to support this allegation.

Is He Alive Today?

Luther Manson’s children fared the best in preserving their secrecy. He allegedly changed his identity to Jay Charles Warner in 1976; the first name was the same as that of his late half-brother. He purportedly passed away in 2007 at the age of 47. According to some, Warner had blue eyes and blond hair.

A married man, Charles Luther Manson?

Charles’ second son led a nearly completely secret life, therefore nothing is known about how he spent the majority of his life. While some individuals continue to think Jay is still alive, others are positive he has passed away.

About Charles Luther Manson, Charles’ second son, not much is known. Still, some people think Jay is still alive.

Manson Blog revealed in April 2017 that Warner did have a family and at least one daughter. She gave me a hazy photo of him as well. People counter that the hypothesis does not include DNA testing at all.

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