Danielle Wiggans

Who is Danielle Wiggans?

Danielle Wiggans Account Coordinator, better known by her stage as Danielle Burkhead, works at Dunham. Danielle Wiggans is only well-known or well-liked, though, as a result of her marriage to Rex Burkhead, an NFL player with the Houston Texans.

We’ll talk about Rex’s wife Danielle as she is a well-known football player and is well known to most people. We’ll provide a brief overview of her life before and after she wed running back Rex Burkhead in American football. And you are aware of what to do to understand all there is to know about Danielle Wiggans (Burkhead).

Danielle Wiggans: Bio and Age

Danielle was born on September 16, 1991, therefore according to the sources, she is 30 years old. As a result, she will be 31 this year. She is American by nationality and was born in Plano, Texas, in the United States. She is also a Caucasian Virgo, according to her zodiac sign.

There is no information available on the school she attended, but several sites state that she attended Plano Senior High School before enrolling at Texas A&M University where she graduated in 2013 with a bachelor’s degree in communications and a minor in human resources. She worked as a human resources intern for Utility Fleet States and East-West Ministries International after graduating.

Quick facts about Danielle Wiggans

Name Danielle Wiggans
Birthday July 2, 1990
Age 30
Gender Female
Height 5 ft 6 in
Nationality American
Married/Single Married
Husband Rex Burkhead
Twitter @daniburkhead13

Relationship status of Danielle Wiggans?

Danielle Wiggans
Biography Zoom: Danielle Wiggans (Source: Google)

Rex and Danielle are said to have attended the same high school, where they also first met, according to some reports, as was previously indicated. In addition to meeting there, they later began dating and have been together ever since. Now they are a contented married pair.

It has been seven years since they got married back in 2014. Since they have been husband and wife for at least seven years, their love has only gotten stronger.

The couple has two kids together

As previously indicated, Danielle and Rex wed in 2014. Four years later, on November 17, 2018, Danielle gave birth to their first child, Jett Michael Burkhead. “We welcomed our sweet Jett Michael Burkhead into the world on Saturday, 11/17, weighing 8lbs 13oz,” Danielle said on her Instagram after his delivery.

We have so much love and joy for this wonderful gift. We are grateful to the Lord for our healthy, happy son and all the other benefits he has bestowed upon us. Cheers to Thanksgiving!

Additionally, on December 31, 2019, Danielle published a photo on Instagram with the caption, “Baby Burkhead #2! May 4 is coming at you! There will be a baby brother for Jetty! Rex and Danielle welcomed their second son on May 5, 2020, and gave him the name Steel James Burkhead. James turned two years old this year and is two years younger than his brother Jett.

On Instagram, Danielle is rather active and frequently posts images of her two sons. She also shares photos of her four content small families in addition to those of herself and her husband.

Rex Burkhead: Bio

1990 marked Rex Burkhead’s birth. He is a running back for the American football team. He presently has a deal with the NFL’s New England Patriots (National Football League).

Rex participated in collegiate football at Nebraska, and the Cincinnati Bengals selected him.

Bengals in the NFL Draft in 2013. Rex’s adaptability helped him become well-known. He has strong running, blocking, and passing skills. His coaches frequently refer to him as an all-around player.

Burkhead was the recipient of the 2012 Uplifting Athletes Rare Disease Award. He assisted a little child with a brain tumor who was 6 years old, and as a result, he made this mistake.

Burkhead has committed to supporting his neighborhood. Additionally, he has assisted cancer patients. He was instrumental in Jack Hoffman’s recovery. Barack Obama extended an invitation to Jack and Burkhead to visit the White House, which is a commendable act.

What is Danielle’s spouse’s net worth?

Rex agreed to a three-year, $9.75 million contract with the New England Patriots back in March 2018. Later in 2021, he agreed to a $1.5 million, one-year deal with the Houston Texans that included a $125,000 signing bonus. In January 2022, he extended that deal to include the 2022 campaign. He reportedly earns $3.25 million in compensation annually, according to reports.

Additionally, according to the reports, Danielle’s spouse has a net worth of about $10 million.

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