Who is Elizabeth Elisha Gutierrez? Bio, Age, Net Worth, Ethnicity, Nationality

Elizabeth Elisha Gutierrez

Who is Elizabeth Elisha Gutierrez?

Elizabeth Elisha Gutierrez is a famous child who became famous for being the offspring of Maia Chinassa Campbell, a well-known and well-liked American actress, singer, and model. Elizabeth’s mother has performed in a few songs and appeared in a lot of programs and films.

Although Maia is more well-known and well-liked than her daughter, Elizabeth is the subject of our discussion instead of Maia because Elizabeth is less well-known. If you want to discover more about Maia Campbell’s daughter, Elizabeth, you may find out a little bit about her early life and present activities in this article.

Elizabeth’s mom lost custody of her

Elizabeth was born to Elias Gutierrez and Maia Campbell. According to sources, the couple wed in 1998 and welcomed their first child in 2000. Unfortunately, we are unsure of Elizabeth’s precise birth date. After their divorce in 2001, Elizabeth’s mother Maia lost custody of her when she became one year old, according to the sources.

She lost custody of Elizabeth, according to the sources, because she resisted receiving care for Maia’s bipolar disorder. Elizabeth was raised by her father Elias Gutierrez as a result.

Other than that, Elizabeth is American-born, African-American, and comes from a Christian household. Elizabeth unfortunately has a secret life, so we don’t know much about her, including her educational history. As for her age, based on the year of her birth, she is currently between 21 and 22 years old.

Quick Facts about Elizabeth Elisha Gutierrez

First Name Elizabeth
Last Name Elisha Gutierrez
Profession Model, Actress
Age 41 years old
Birth Sign Capricorn
Birth Date April 1, 1979
Birth Place Los Angeles United States
Country United state

Elizabeth’s mother was detained on several occasions.

As was already noted, Maiaold birth bipolar disorder her entire life, which has ruined both her job and her relationship with her daughter. When Maia was detained for stealing back in 2010, she was sent to a facility for involuntary mental health treatment. She subsequently made an appearance in Iyanla: Fix My Life. When asked about her bipolar disorder, she responded,

“Chaos. My story involves a lot of suffering and problems with my mother. When I was out sprinting the streets, I frequently ran into the incorrect person, who then brought me down.

She added that she would always be there for her kid and that she wanted to get better for her sake of her. But it wasn’t the end since she ran into trouble with the law once more in 2015, leading to another arrest. Additionally, in a 2017 video that went viral, Maia could be seen requesting drugs at a petrol station. But she vehemently disputed it, claiming that she was healing and in good health.

Ellis Gordon Jr., Maia’s stepfather, informed her that she was receiving support and assistance while she was living with him. I don’t consider her as my stepdaughter, I view her as my daughter, he added. In a statement later given to Essence, he added, “We continue to stay true to our faith and hope that eventually she will recognize that recovery will begin when she decides to seek out and accept the help and treatment that have been offered to her.”

The relationship status of Elizabeth Elisha Gutierrez?

Elizabeth Elisha Gutierrez
Biography Zoom: Elizabeth Elisha Gutierrez (Source: Google)

Unfortunately, she leads a very quiet life and doesn’t have a public social media account, therefore we are unaware of anything about her love life. She is, however, at the age when most people start dating, so she might as well have a boyfriend who is aware of this.

Regarding the relationship between her parents, it is unknown how or when they initially met, although they were married in 1998 and divorced in 2001. Additionally, some sources assert the couple separated and filed for divorce in 2002. And as was already mentioned, Maia lost Elizabeth’s custody because she refused to accept treatment for her bipolar disorder.

Since Maia hasn’t been seen since her 2017 appearance as Doctor Imposter, many people assume that she is now receiving treatment and recovering. However, because we haven’t received any information regarding her condition, we can’t make any claims. Nevertheless, we do hope that she recovers and improves her relationship with her daughter.

Her grandma passed away in 2006

According to accounts, Elizabeth’s grandmother Elizabeth Bebe Moore Campbell Gordon, a writer who formerly contributed to Essence in the 1970s, is thought to be the source of her name. Sadly, brain cancer took Elizabeth’s grandmother’s life in 2006.

Tiko Campbell, an architect, talks about her grandfather. She also has a step-grandfather, Ellis Gordon Jr., and it appears that Elizabeth and Ellis get along well.

Elizabeth Elisha Gutierrez: Career

Because she is Maia Campbell’s daughter, Elizabeth Elisha Gutierrez is rather widely recognized. American actress and model Maia is from. She was very young when she began modeling. For her part as Nicole in the drama series South Central, Campbell is well-known.

She also played Tiffany Warren for five seasons of the sitcom “In the House,” which ran from 1995 to 1998.

Cambell began acting at the young age of 16 similarly. The actress Maia is featured in the movie Poetic Justice. Her portrayal as Lucky in that film was praised for being excellent.

Campbell went on to appear as a lead in other 90s television programs like Thea and Moesha. Additionally, in 90210 In the late 1990s, Campbell played Marian in the television series Beverly Hills. She appears in Sister, Sister as Shayla (a movie released in 1998). She also portrayed Teresa in With or Without You and Ashley in Seventeen Again in 2003.

In the film Sorority Sister Slaughter, she also played Rose. In the movie In The House, Maia played a part alongside Debbie Allen and LL Cool J.

Elizabeth is not attached right now. She is only 18 years old, and her romantic status has not been independently confirmed. However, the relationship between her parents began in 1995, and they wed in 1998. In the year 2000, the couple gave birth to their daughter Elizabeth. Due to Maia’s bipolar disorder diagnosis, Elias, Maia’s father, has been raising Elizabeth.

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