Ittila Scott

Who is Ittila Scott? Bio, Age, Ethnicity

Ittila Scott became well-known since she is the rapper Kayo Redd’s daughter. Her father, who is Waka Flocka Flame’s younger brother, is well-known in the hip-hop community.

What is Kayo Redd, the father of Ittila Scott, worth?

The father of Ittila Scott, Kayo, was estimated to have a net worth of about $1.5 million at the time of his passing. His lengthy career as a rapper allowed him to earn this enormous fortune. The majority of Kayo’s income came from his work as a rapper and vocalist. His yearly earnings, assets including real estate and bank accounts and other possessions make up Kayo’s net worth. Kayo earned additional money from paid alliances, sponsored contracts, and paid collaborations.

With the money he had amassed over the course of his career, Kayo was also enjoying a luxury lifestyle. His net worth and yearly pay would have increased in the near future if he hadn’t passed away when he did. With the money he earned from his rapping career, Kayo was living happily and luxuriously up to the moment of his death.

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More about Ittila Scott

Ittila Scott first saw this amazing world on May 2, 2014. She was born in a state that is part of the United States of America. She will be eight years old. Her entire birthday indicates that Taurus is her solar sign. Ittila has a birthday celebration every year on May 2. She is Kayo Redd’s daughter (father). Her father was a professional rapper.

Her uncles go under the names Wooh Da Kid, Waka Flocka Flame, Rahleek Malphurs, and Tyquam Alexander. Like her father, her uncle Waka works as a rapper. Ittila is a citizen of the United States and is of Afro-American descent. She is a Christian who also practices other faiths.

Relationship Status of Ittila Scott

Ittila is not in a relationship right now. On the other side, Ittila is not now engaged or married and neither is she dating. She is still very young and has no idea what dating or relationships are like. Ittila is also old enough to enjoy himself and play. But after she has grown old enough to understand love. She may develop feelings for the person she adores.

Who is Kayo Redd, Ittila Scott’s father?
Ittila’s father, rapper Kayo Redd, worked professionally. He first saw this magnificent planet on June 1, 1986. He was created in the Queens neighborhood of New York City. His first name, Coades Scott, was used. In a musical family, he was raised. He, therefore, had no issue enjoying the music. Since he was young, he has had a profound affinity for music.

As a result, he started out as Kayo Redd in the music industry. He released his debut album, YNS 2: Full-Time Grind, in 2012. Then, in 2013, he planned to release his mixtape, Redd Kisses. He passed away on December 30, 2013, however, before his music could be made public.

What day was the passing of Ittila Scott’s father, Kayo Redd?
The father of Ittila, Kayo, died on December 29, 2013. Kayo was found by police with a gunshot wound. The investigation found that it looked that the wounds were self-inflicted. He was found dead on Sunday from a self-inflicted gunshot wound in his Georgia community.

His relatives worried about his mental health. He resided in the same subdivision as Waka Flocka, but he appeared to have departed his home. The cops were contacted.

Was Kayo Redd present when his daughter was born?
Kayo was unable to be present when his daughter was born. According to rumors, Kato was having an affair with the mother of her daughter. On the other side, his family had no idea what was going on. After Kayo passed away, his daughter was born. He missed the birth of his daughter as a result.

Is there a relationship between Waka Flocka Flame and Kayo Redd?
They weren’t identical twins, Kayo and Waka. But they were actual blood-related brothers who were related. They were siblings who worked together on a song and a music video.

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