Jackie Steves

Who Is Jackie Steves?

As Rick Steves’s daughter, Jackie Steves is well-known. Author, television host, and travel expert Rick Steves.

Jackie Steves: Parents, Family

Jackie Steves was conceived by her parents, Anne and Rick Steves. She has grown up alongside her brother Andy, who is also her brother.

The creator of Weekend Student Adventure Europe is her brother (a travel company). Her father is a well-known television personality and travel writer.

Her mother and father both met at St. Thomas of Villanova. After a few years of dating, her parents decided to be hitched. After several years together, they made the decision to separate in 2010.

Furthermore, the reason for her parent’s divorce is still a mystery. She also finished her studies at Columbia University. Additionally, Jackie hasn’t disclosed any other details about herself in the past.

Jackie Steves: Relationships, Married, Single

Jackie Steves’ social media posts indicate that she is already engaged. She got engaged to her longtime partner Damian Conrad Davis on August 16, 2019.

Davis is a North Dakota-born explorer, actor, producer, and designer. She and Davis began dating in 2017 and have been together since then.

As a result, they have similar interests and work environments.

Body Measurement: Height, Weight

Jackie Steves is around 5 feet 5 inches tall, but we do not yet know her weight. She has kept her physique, though, and has a thin build.

She is also lovely, beautiful, and very attractive. Brown eyes and golden hair characterize Jackie.

Jackie Steves: Profession and Daily Life

Jackie Steves shared her father’s love of travel, and she has continued in his footsteps. As a result, she might be seen traveling to various places.

She also carries her father’s travel guides with her everywhere she travels. She has also learned from her father useful tips like how to make reservations for cheap hotels or hostels.

She also kept a journal of everything she liked and uploaded it on a travel blog. In addition, she hasn’t disclosed any information about her job.

She also gained attention since she is Rick Steves’ daughter. Rick began and built his professional career as a mobile educator.

He worked as a summer tour guide in addition to being a traveling instructor at The Experimental College.

He wrote his first edition of Europe Through the Back Door earlier. It is also based on his trip courses. Later, he started a shop in a storefront.

It served as both a transit hub and a piano teaching studio. He hosted the television program Travels in Europe with Steves from 1991 to 1998.

Later, in September 2000, he debuts Steves’ Europe, his subsequent program. As a result, it broadcasts a season each year.

He has begun various books and shows with travel in Europe, particularly with an eye toward the American audience.

He introduced a mobile application in 2010. It is an audio library with self-guided walking included. In addition, he works as a social worker.

He supports the artists, the homeless, and the legalization of marijuana. The Independent Publisher Book Award for Travel was also given to him.

Net Worth of Jackie Steves

The specifics of Jackie Steves’ professional career are unknown. But she has a $600k net worth. However, it is unknown how much she will make annually over the course of her career.

Her father, on the other hand, is thought to be worth $10 million. She and her family have undoubtedly been living a wealthy and opulent existence.

Social Media Presence

Jackie Steves regularly updates her @jackieasteves Instagram account. She currently has 447 followers. She has, regrettably, kept her account secret.

There’s a chance Jackie wants to live a secluded life and avoid the spotlight.

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