Joanna Gaines

Teresa Criswell, the host of the motivational YouTube series Let’s Talk with Teresa Ann, is the older sister of the TV personality, Joanna Gaines. Learn more about her parents, spouse, and elder sister.

Famous American interior designer Joanna Gaines is also a businesswoman, influencer on social media, content producer, television personality, and entrepreneur.

She is well-known around the nation for both her excellent YouTube videos and her interior design expertise.

She and her husband, both experienced interior designers, established their own business, in Mongolia.

Who Is Teresa Criswell? Joanna Gaines Older Sister

Mary Kay McCall and Teresa Criswell, a YouTuber, are two of Joanna Gaines’ sisters. Regarding her sibling, there is, however, no information accessible.

David McCall is the husband of Mary an expert in medicine from Waco, Texas. Mr. McCall graduated from ATSU-SOMA with a Masters in Science Education, Medical (MSED), as well as a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O. There are six kids between the McCall spouses.

Joanna Gaines with Sister
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Teresa Criswell, the senior sister of the TV presenter, hosts the Let’s Talk With Teresa Ann YouTube channel. She was reared with her two incredibly gifted younger sisters in Kansas and Texas.

After graduating from a small private South Texas high school in 1993, she briefly moved back to Kansas. From there, she and her spouse—now-adult children—moved all across the nation.

Sisters of Joanna Gaines

Nicholas Ray, their adored grandson, has unexpectedly won Teresa and her husband’s hearts and they are now relishing life as grandparents.

She claimed that on March 6, 2003, when she experienced God’s love for the first time, her life truly began. She has been a self-published author and blogger for close to 15 years. Later, she started to believe that GOD could teach her how to draw and paint prophecies.

She collaborated with more than 30 authors on two award-winning anthologies, including the renowned novelist and speaker Alisa Hope Wagner, and the self-published “God Is Enthralled By Your Beauty.”

Parents of Joanna Gaines

Jerry Stevens and Nan Stevens welcomed Joanna Gaines into the world on April 19, 1978, in Waco, Texas, in the United States. Her mother, the Nan, is of Korean ancestry, while her father, Jerry, is half German and half Lebanese. It indicates that She is of mixed ancestry.

Family of Joanna Gaines

Joanna Gaines
Biography Zoom: Joanna Gaines with Family (Source: Google)

The businesswoman’s parents first connected during a gathering in Seoul, Korea, when her father served in the military. In the summer of 1972, they were married in Las Vegas.

Joanna Gaines Husband, Married Life

Chip Gaines is the spouse of Joanna Gaines. Before saying “I do” in 2003 in Waco, Texas, the pair had been dating since 2001.

Her spouse Chip is a television personality and interior designer, just like Joanna. Additionally, they shared a scene in the television program Fixed Upper.

In Waco, Texas, the Gaines couple cohabitates. They have five happy children and live happy life.

Three sons and two daughters make up Joanna and Chip’s family.

Their daughters are Emmi Kay Gaines and Ella Rose Gaines, and their sons are Crew Gaines, Drake Gaines, and Duke Gaines.

There was a rumor that the pair were splitting up somewhere in between. But it was eventually discovered that the rumor was untrue.

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