Who is Kristen Hanby? Bio, Age, Net Worth, Ethnicity, Height, Relationship

Kristen Hanby

Who is Kristen Hanby?- Biography

Kristen Hanby is a well-known English Facebook star and YouTube personality. Kristen Hanby is well-known for his various wicked practical tricks on family members and public Facebook postings. He has become one of the most well-known internet pranksters thanks to his prank concepts.

Kristen Hanby: Bio, Age, Parents, Ethnicity

On March 8, 1993, Kristen Hanby was born in St. Helier, Jersey, England. He is 28 years old right now. Other than that, his father is not mentioned, but his mother is mentioned because she appears in each video he makes.

Giselle Handy is the name of his mother. In addition, he has two siblings named Natalie Handy and Bryony Handy. His zodiac sign is Pisces, and he is of Caucasian ethnicity.

Education, Schooling

There is no information available regarding his educational history. He might have already graduated based on his age.

Quick Facts of Kristen Hanby

Full Name: Kristen Hanby

Gender: Male
Born Date: March 8, 1993
Age: 29 Years
Mother: Giselle Handy
Sibling: Two
Net Worth: $2 million
Relationship Status: In Relationship
Height: 5 feet and 10 inches
Weight: 70 Kg

Kristen Hanby: Profession, Career

On the tiny island of Jersey, Kristen Hanby initially employed herself as a construction worker. After that, in 2013, he uploaded “Step Brothers ‘boats and hoes’ ‘Remark'” as his debut YouTube video. From there, Kristen’s career took off and she amassed millions of fans. On September 21, 2011, he launched his own YouTube channel under the name Kristen Hanby.

In addition, his channel receives millions of views and has numerous intriguing postings. He turned submitting prank videos to YouTube into a career. His YouTube videos include Hanby Vs. Jackson, New Vlog Series, Vlogs Series 1, and Kristen Hanbys.

Along with that, some of his most well-known videos include “Craziest family Ever@ Kristen Hanby Prank Compilation,” “Super Funny Prank Complication 2018,” “Craziest Friends Ever,” “April Madness,” “Insane Prank Compilation,” and numerous others.

In addition, he added something new to spice up the footage. His mother, grandmother, and two sisters were all included in the video. He performs public pranks as well. His jokes and jocks have been deemed offensive.

Additionally, on July 10, 2020, he debuted his song on YouTube under the title “Kristen Hanby ft. Lil Xan and Steven Cannon called Change My Mind.”

There have been over 175k views of his video. “Sinlinga Go To War – Prank,” one of his most well-known YouTube videos, was uploaded on July 13, 2020.

Relationship Status of Kristen Hanby?

On this particular date, Kristen Hanby is in a relationship. However, his YouTube video makes it clear that he had a girlfriend who cheated on him, albeit her name is not revealed.

Additionally, Jasmine Brownsword is the name of his current girlfriend. Furthermore, there is no new information on his private life. Julius Dein and Ben Philips, two well-known entertainers, have become his friends.

What is Kristen Hanby’s Net Worth? Salary, Earnings

The well-known YouTuber is said to be worth $2 million. In addition, there is no more information available regarding his salary or monthly income.

Kristen Hanby: Height, Weight, Body Measurements

He stands 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighs about 70 kilograms. Blue eyes and blonde hair are both features of Kristen. Additionally, there is no more information available regarding Kristen’s physical size.

Social Media Presence

He is much more active on social media as a YouTuber. On Facebook, he has a following of 19 million people.

In addition, he has 514 posts and 7.3 million followers on Instagram. The most significant fact is that he has 3.06 million YouTube subscribers.

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