Lil Xan

Who is Lil Xan? Bio, Age, Wiki, Career, Height, Net Worth

Who is Lil Xan?- Biography

Lil Xan or simply Diego was born on September 6, 1996, whose real name is Nicholas Diego Leanos. Lil Xan is a Redlands, California-born American rapper, songwriter, and Mexican slide singer. Xan experienced childhood hardship and ultimately dropped out of high school.

He started making music in the middle of 2016. For almost two years, Xan was dependent on strong drugs like “Xanax,” “Opiates,” and “Benzodiazepines.” His professional name is derived from the medication “Xanax.” He needed to be hospitalized for drug-related renal and liver failure because of his severe Xanax addiction. The rapper claims that he was able to kick the terrible habit today.

The family’s financial situation was unstable. The boy and his parents raised him in a motel room. After being jobless for a while, he made money by selling drugs, cleaning streets, etc. He attempted to pursue a career in photography, but when his camera was stolen, he switched to rap.

Lil Xan gained popularity mostly as a result of the 2017 release of the song “Betrayed.” Then, in 2018, “Total Xanarchy,” his debut album, was released. His sign is Virgo.

The tattoos the artist has on his torso and face are very noticeable. The young man feels that tattoos should be visible; else, they serve no purpose.

Lil Xan: Bio, Age, Parents, Ethnicity

He was a member of a low-income family that made just enough money to get by. He didn’t eat three meals a day throughout his hard times and lived in appalling conditions. He went to junior high, but due to his family’s dire financial circumstances, he had to drop out of secondary school.

Before, he worked as a utensil and table cleaner at small hotels and sold drugs, for which he was prosecuted. Later, in order to support himself, he was forced to study photography

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Quick Facts of Lil Xan

Name Nicholas Diego Leanos
Born 6th September 1996
Gender Male
Birth Sign Libra
Country America
Nationality American
Religion Christian
Ethnicity Not Available
Profession Singer, Rapper, Songwriter
Height 1.73 m
Weight 66 kg
Children Not Available
Eye Color Brown
Father Not Available
Mother Not Available
Spouse Single
Hair Color Black
Net Worth $3 million
Profile InstagramTwitterFacebook

Lil Xan: Profession, Career

He started running a SoundCloud account and a YouTube channel when he realized he had to take something to improve the living situation for his family. His aptitude and abilities started to get the attention of those around him. But all of what he has now is the result of his perseverance and hard work.

He debuted his debut solo song in 2017, and it quickly gained fame. After the success of his debut song, he continued to write more and more songs and tried his hand at rapping, which also worked out well for him. Soon, positive comments flooded his fan page, and the number of followers increased.

Diego became Lil Xan in 2018, much to the delight of his followers. In order to gather more and more support, he started holding several live sessions.

Relationship Status of Lil Xan?

He claims to be single at the moment after splitting with Noah. Numerous humorous memes were born from their breakup.

What is Lil Xan’s Net Worth? Salary, Earnings

At a very young age, Lil Xan began working to provide for himself and his family. His current net worth is about $3 million.

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