You probably already know that Me1adinha is the most well-known character among all the others if you’re a fan of Dragon Ball Z.

This well-known character role in Dragon Ball Z was played by the well-known Bunny Bulma. Bunny Bulma is the only Dragon Ball Z character with a solid reputation, or at least, she must have one in order to be considered a Me1adinha character.

Fans may have observed that the heroines in the older Dragon Ball Z episodes had slightly shorter hair than in the other series.

The most well-known dragonfly in the Dragon Ball Z video game is without a doubt Bunny Bulma. The Me1adinha’s use of art has made this character famous.

Who is Me1adinha?

The Bunny Bulma takes pleasure in playing the Me1adinha. Bunny Bulma was able to recognize the significance of her role as Me1adinha because of the manga’s introduction.


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Bunny Bulma enjoys playing the Me1adinha not just for the manga but also because it satisfies the master’s wants.
The one that stands out among the rest in Dragon  Ball Z is the strongest character. The name of this most well-known character is The Me1adinha.

The Me1adinha was famously portrayed by Bunny Bulma. Bunny Bulma has played this role better than anyone else could have.

There are more well-known characters in DragonBall Z, even if Me1adinha is the best character. The Omen, who was changed into Goku, Vegito, Omen, and other well-known figures can be found in Dragon Ball Z.

Me1adinha’s Real Name & Age

Me1adinha’s Instagram bio is 19 years old. Even though she claimed to be 19 years old when she published her first photo in 2020, as of 2023, she is actually 21.

Me1adhinha has only written Mel on her Twitter account, with no indication of her real name. She has kept a very low profile and shielded the public from seeing any of her private information.

Me1adhinha: Career

me1adinha started using social media a few years ago. She started posting her cosplay material on Reddit and the other top social media sites.

She gained the majority of her notoriety on Instagram, where her material could be seen by millions of users. Additionally, her stunning appearance was successful in drawing followers to the site.

She encountered difficulties, as she had her Instagram account deleted for no apparent cause. She appealed repeatedly, but she still got no answer.

Although it’s unclear whether she got her account back or not, she presently has 736k Instagram followers. Her stunning photos are receiving thousands of likes.

She used to post material on Instagram and Reddit in addition to Instagram. She started sharing her photos on a few NSFW & costume subreddits.

For more than two years, she has consistently shared material. Her posts have garnered thousands of upvotes over the years on various subreddits.

Her biography currently has 50k karma. Additionally, her official subreddit, which already has over 65k members, was just recently established.

Height and Weight of Me1adhinha

Me1adinha is 19 years old. She stands 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighs about 51 kg. Mel has brown eyes and naturally ebony hair.

Her body is 32-24-35 inches in height, and she wears 7-inch shoes (US). When it comes to her appearance, she has a lovely body and a sweet smile.

What are her Nationality and Ethnicity?

Me1adinha is of mixed ethnicity and Brazilian by country.

What is the Net Worth of Me1adhinha?

Me1adinha has a $600,000 personal worth (estimated). Onlyfans is her primary source of revenue.

She has a sizable social media following thanks to the cosplay content she creates, as was already stated. She was unable to properly monetize her material, though.

She hasn’t actually ever been seen collaborating with any companies until now.

She nevertheless promotes her Onlyfans account using her fanbase. She provides her subscribers with access to premium, only material on this website.

In contrast to YouTube, based on the plan, you must pay money to subscribe to Onlyfans. Her two options at the moment are $15 per month and $27 per quarter.

She has posted more than 120 posts to date, garnering about 50,000 likes. We estimate that she currently has a few thousand followers. She also earns additional money from tips and PPV material.

Social Media Presence

Me1adinha, who uses the user name @me1adinha, is active on Instagram. On Instagram, she has 686k followers and 27 posts.


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She just shared a picture centered around anime on her Instagram page. She informs her followers about the aspect of anime.

She also makes use of the @deusamelada Twitter account. She started using Twitter in November 2020 and has 420.9k followers right now.


She has more than 445k subscribers on her Twitter account, deusamelada.

On Twitter, she posted more than 1,000 messages.

Mel frequently dyes her hair, and she has attempted a variety of colors.

Her YouTube account is empty.

Her torso is free of tattoos.

The majority of Mel’s content is anime-inspired because she enjoys viewing anime.

She yearns to travel.

She adores animals.

Mel enjoys creating art in her spare time.

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