Mirtha Jung

Who is Mirtha Jung?

Mirtha Jung (née Calderon) was born in Cuba on December 3, 1952, but some sources claim she was born on August 3. Mirtha Jung is a Sagittarius by birth sign and is a dual citizen of the United States and Cuba.

Despite being a member of a cocaine cartel, Mirtha Jung only gained notoriety with the release of the film “Blow,” which chronicles the life of her ex-husband George Jung.

Mirtha Jung: Bio and education

Mirtha was reared by her parents in a relatively underdeveloped and dangerous area of Cuba, which is how she became engaged in the drug trade when she was a teenager. After graduating from high school, she worked as a waitress before meeting George.

Quick Facts about Mirtha Jung

Full name

Mirtha Calderon

Date of birth

December 3, 1952





Place of birth



Cuban American

Marital status



George Jung (m. 1977-1984)


Kristina Sunshine Jung


Former drug addict and dealer turned poet, writer, and entrepreneur

Famous as

Ex wife of George Jung.

Mirtha Jung: Career

Mirtha joined the Medellin Cartel, infamous for smuggling massive amounts of cocaine from Colombia to the US, after meeting her future husband.

She developed a cocaine addiction and, despite physicians’ advice to abstain while pregnant, she was unable to do so. As a result, she was arrested with a significant amount of cocaine and received a three-year prison sentence. She spent three years cleaning up, and it’s thought that she hasn’t taken narcotics since her release in 1981.

In the biographical film “Blow,” starring Penelope Cruz as Mirtha and Johnny Depp as George Jung, Mirtha is referenced in 2001. The film also discusses her husband and the cocaine cartel, and it is this mention that helped Mirtha get attention in the US. In the same year, Mirtha gave an interview to a Texas newspaper where she discussed the film and was last seen in the media.

Relationship Status of Mirtha Jung?

Mirtha Jung
Biography Zoom: Mirtha Jung (Source: Google)

Before meeting George, Mirtha began taking cocaine, and she was introduced to him when she needed more. Mirtha was 22 and George was 32 when they first met. They began dating in February 1975 and were married in 1977. Mirtha gave birth to their daughter, Kristina Sunshine Jung, on August 1, 1978.

George and Ronda Clay Spinello are living in San Diego, California, but Mirtha hasn’t remarried and currently doesn’t seem to be involved. Mirtha opted to divorce George because she found life revolved around drugs and crime to be too much and she didn’t want to expose her daughter to this.

Two children have been born to her daughter Kristina and her husband Romain Karan. George sought to reconcile with Mirtha and support his daughter in every way he could after being released from prison in 2016, but Kristina hasn’t yet forgiven him.

Mirtha Jung: Activities and other passions

Mirtha began as a student who was good at math and sports, but this changed when she started messing with drugs while attending the second year of high school. Mirtha grew up surrounded by drugs, and her major concern was finding money to support her habit.

After being released from prison clean, Mirtha became focused on parenting her kid. She had previously liked living a luxurious lifestyle with her husband, but eventually, she wanted more than continuously hiding and doing cocaine with George. She also developed interests in other areas, including reading and being outside. The two spent their evenings watching movies together; Mirtha’s favorite actors and actresses were Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz, primarily for their roles in the “Blow” movie. She raised Kristina in a serene setting in the United States.
both appearance and wealth

What are Mirtha Jung’s body measurements and net worth?

67 years of age are Mirtha. She is 5ft 5ins (1.65m) tall, weighs about 128lbs (58kgs), and has long brown hair and brown eyes. Her net worth is over $400,000, while George’s is only $100,000 after losing much of his illegally acquired fortune.

Who is Mirtha’s ex-husband George Jung?

George Jacob Jung, also known as Boston George or El Americano, was born on August 6, 1942, in Boston, Massachusetts, in the United States. He is a Leo by birth sign and is an American citizen. He used to bring cocaine into the USA as a member of the Medellin Cartel, which was a drug trafficking organization.

Erminia “Ermine” and Frederick “Fred” Jung, George’s German-American parents, raised him in Weymouth, Massachusetts. He was an active football player in high school and was dubbed “a natural leader” by his peers. But while still a student at Weymouth High School, he was detained for the first time for soliciting prostitution. Later, after graduating, he enrolled at the University of Southern Mississippi, where he started selling marijuana, and never completed his studies.

In 1967, he began smuggling marijuana from California to New England. Later, he expanded his operations to include bringing marijuana into the US from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. To do this, he employed experienced pilots and used aircraft that had been stolen from Cape Cod.

He was earning $250,000 a month at the time, which is equal to $1.6 million today. This continued until George was arrested in Chicago in 1974 and found in possession of 660 pounds (300 kilograms) of marijuana; he was then given a term at the Federal Correctional Institution in Danbury.

In exchange for teaching Carlos Lehder Rivas about smuggling, George taught him about the Medellin Cartel while they were both incarcerated. After their release in April 1975, George and Carlos started working together to fly cocaine for Pablo Escobar from Colombia to the US.

George reportedly made around $4 million each day in the late 1970s and kept his money in the Panamanian central bank at the time. He was detained once more in 1987 and once more in 1994, the latter of which resulted in a 60-year sentence. but after ten years in jail, was freed on June 2, 2014. He began smuggling once more, nevertheless, and was caught on 6 December 2016 for breaking his parole. He is still behind bars.

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