Morgan Kay Beamer

Morgan Kay Beamer is the sole surviving child of Todd Beamer, a deceased American traveler on United Airlines Flight 93 that was hijacked and crashed as part of the September 11 attacks in 2001.

Todd Beamer was a passenger on that flight. One of the passengers who made an effort to retake control of the plane from the hijackers was Morgan’s father.

Morgan Beamer, Todd and Lisa Brosious Beamer’s daughter, was born four months after 9/11, therefore she was unable to meet her father. Nevertheless, she is following in his athletic footsteps. She plays lacrosse as a student at Princeton High School.

With his dark hair and a small gap in her chin, Todd, Morgan’s late father, shares some similarities with her. She serves as one of the links between her generation and the Sept. 11 attacks. 

Morgan Kay Beamer, Todd and Lisa’s third child, was born at a New Jersey hospital on January 9, 2002. It had been about four months since her father passed away on September 11 of the previous year.

Morgan Kay Beamer
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Morgan Kay Beamer, the third child of Lisa Beamer and the late Todd Beamer

She was 21 inches long and 7 pounds at the time of her delivery. Todd Beamer, her father, went by the middle name of Morgan.

David and Peggy, her paternal grandparents, live in Jacksonville Beach. The prologue to a 2011 book by Jacksonville clergyman Gene Youngblood was written by Morgan’s grandfather, a retired businessman.

Lisa Brosious Beamer, her mother, is an Albany, New York native who grew up in Shrub Oak, upstate New York.

Paul, the maternal grandpa of Todd’s daughter, was a research physicist, and Lorraine Brosious, her grandma, is a Christian counselor.

There are two older brothers for Morgan Kay Beamer

David and Drew, Morgan’s older brothers, are both men. Both of them were conceived before their father passed away.

David, her oldest brother, who was 3 years old in September 2001, went on to play quarterback for Wheaton College’s football team.

The second sibling of Morgan, Andrew, who was just a year old when his father passed away, attends Wheaton College and plays midfield for the soccer team.

What Actually Happened To Todd Beamer, Morgan’s Father, On September 11, 2001?

When Morgan’s mother Lisa lost her husband in one of the September 11 terrorist attacks on United Flight 93, which crashed into a Pennsylvania field after he and a group of courageous passengers sought to resist their hijackers, Lisa was five months pregnant with Morgan.

Todd, Morgan’s father, was a key figure in motivating the United Flight 93 passengers to engage the hijackers in a firefight for control of the aircraft.

As a result, the plane crashed into the ground instead of crashing into its planned objective.

Tragically, everyone on board passed away. Todd, Morgan’s father, was a rising star at Oracle, a software business. The man provided his family with a comfortable level of financial stability.

On the morning of September 11, 2001, Todd boarded United Flight 93 in Newark, New Jersey, on a business trip to San Francisco.

The father of two was on his way home from work to commemorate the tenth anniversary of his first date with his wife.

The father of Morgan Kay Beamer was able to communicate with Lisa, his wife

Mr. Beamer witnessed the co-slashed pilot’s throat and a dead body lying in the aisle near the cockpit after the hijackers gained control of the aircraft

Next, the then-father of two reached for the seatback phone in front of him and attempted to call his wife, but the call was unsuccessful.

Instead, Todd spoke with a G.T.E. operator, who connected the call to F.B.I. agents when Todd explained what was going on. The Oracle employee and several others planned to overtake the terrorists for fifteen minutes while the phone was still on.

Through in-flight and cell phone communications, Todd and other passengers had been in touch with others. They also knew that the World Trade Center had already been damaged by two planes.

After some time, Morgan’s father ordered the flight attendants to boil water and make any possible weapons. After that, he instructed the GTE operator to phone his wife and children and express his love to them.

The assault against the hijackers was led by Morgan’s father

Her husband of Lisa yelled, “Let’s roll!” just as he and the other travelers were ready to stop the hijackers. Beamer used the beverage cart to open the door and lead the other passengers into the cockpit.

Following a fight, the passengers crashed the jet into a field close to Shanksville, Pennsylvania, rather than a landmark in Washington, D.C., killing all 44 people on board. The aircraft, which took off from Newark, was headed for San Francisco.

On September 11, it was the only carrier that didn’t kill anybody on the ground. Later, according to the authorities, the hijackers were directing it toward Washington.

Tom Burnett, Mark Bingham, and Jeremy Glick all assisted Todd in his bravery. In 2002, Todd and the other men who stopped the attack were given the posthumous Arthur Ashe Courage Award.

After her husband’s passing, Lisa’s mother, Morgan Kay Beamer

Lisa remembered the question, “Are you guys prepared? When the family was departing for an outing, her husband would say, “Let’s roll!

As she fought to keep her family together after her father passed away, Morgan’s mother, Lisa Beamer, quickly rose to prominence as a national icon of bravery and resilience.

“Let’s Roll” would be the title of Lisa’s book detailing her husband’s story. She later appeared in the media more than 200 times in a single year to promote the Todd Beamer Foundation and generate funds for it.

Additionally, Mrs. Beamer made appearances on the Larry King Live, Good Morning America, Dateline, 20/20, 60 Minutes, and Oprah programs.

She still speaks out for traumatized children now in addition to supporting numerous other groups of this nature.

Todd Beamer’s foundation was established by Morgan’s mother

To assist all the children who lost a parent on September 11, Lisa and Todd’s friends founded the Todd Beamer Foundation soon after the terrorist attacks. It appears that at least 22 children on Flight 93 alone lost a parent.

Let’s Roll, which Lisa and the foundation believed had become the country’s rallying cry in the fight against terrorism, was also the subject of trademark protection requests at the time.

As an expression of sympathy, vocalists and musicians—including cellist Yo-Yo Ma—recorded a CD for the foundation that reenacted Flight 93’s final moments.

Among those who called Lisa to congratulate her on the birth of Morgan was then-president Bush.

Mother of Morgan Kay Beamer Attempts To Avoid Overfocusing On September 11

Despite her efforts to avoid thinking about the events of September 11, Lisa has acknowledged that Todd is constantly on her mind.

“Of course, I process it in my thoughts if I see a photo of the crash site or something similar on TV. However, I try not to think too much about what happened that day.

In January 2006, Mrs. Beamer spoke to ABC News. Lisa acknowledges that she still misses her deceased husband every day. The housewife-turned-author had her sister-in-law by her side when Morgan was born.

In an interview, Lisa stated that Todd had hoped for a girl to be the third child, and she named the child Morgan in honor of him.

Similar to Morgan, who had no father when she returned home from the hospital, Lisa too lost her father when she was 15 years old.

“Pain doesn’t disappear, even though it lessens with time. I’m confident that even many years from now, we’ll still feel depressed in various respects. But we’ll also succeed.

She remarried, right? Lisa Beamer, does she have a husband?

Although it appears that Lisa has changed quite a deal since her husband’s passing, it remains to be seen whether or not she has found a new man to marry.

In addition to her activist activity and her speaking engagements, her clandestine lifestyle is what makes it more difficult to interpret such a theorem.

The last time Morgan’s mother was seen publicly was in September 2021 at Wheaton College.

She spoke during the college’s chapel session as an honored guest and delivered a message of optimism. Additionally, it marked the 20th anniversary of the horrific 9/11 events.

However, for the time being, the writer of Let’s Roll only tells her family members whether she is married or not.

How Lisa Beamer Maintained Todd’s Memory in Her Children

Morgan never got to meet her father, but Morgan’s mother made sure Todd’s memory lived on in their house. For David and Drew, the mother of three, he always held his photographs at eye level.

In order to help her children remember their father, Lisa once remarked, “I kind of constructed a box of souvenirs for them around all the stuff that’s transpired this fall.”

And Morgan has a unique huge box because it has all of her belongings from the time she was born, including letters from the president and Mrs. Bush.

added Todd Beamer’s ex-wife.

Parents of Morgan Kay Beamer were close friends since college

Todd and Lisa, Morgan’s parents, had been partners since their days in college.

In addition to playing baseball in the past for Wheaton College and Fresno State, Morgan’s late father also taught Sunday school.

Her mother, Lisa, was a cheerleader for the Wheaton football team, where her father also played quarterback.

What Is Morgan Kay Beamer Doing Now?

Even though there isn’t much information regarding Morgan’s most recent activities in the media, the majority of sources tend to characterize her as a former lacrosse player and student at Princeton High School in New Jersey.

She is essentially unknown on Instagram, however, she does seem to have been active on other social media platforms, such as Facebook.

Even if the front is now largely dormant, it nevertheless reveals a few facts about the now-20-year-old youth.

She first attended Cranbury School in Middlesex County, New Jersey, and graduated from there.

Lisa’s daughter, who used to be Todd and his wife’s, is now reportedly a sophomore at Wheaton College and plays defensive midfield for the school’s soccer team.

She also contributed to the Thunder defense’s five clean sheets over the course of the season, with a club-high four assists and six total points, and was named to the second team of the Conference.

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