Who Is Oklahoma’s, Trey Conley? Arrested in Relation to a Murder

Trey Conley Oklahoma

Following his arrest for the murder in Oklahoma in 2020, Trey Conley’s family and friends are now pleading for his release.

American Trey Conley was taken into custody in Oklahoma City on suspicion of killing a guy.

In addition, Conley wasn’t the only one detained; he was taken into custody along with another man named Clarence Wright.

On suspicion of murder, both have been checked into the Oklahoma County Jail. In May 2020, police in Oklahoma City responded to an allegation that many persons were filming.

When police arrived, they found Josh Stewart, 41, pacing around the car parking area.

Who Is Oklahoma’s, Trey Conley?

Trey Conley, a resident of Oklahoma City, was detained in 2020 on suspicion of killing Josh Stewart.

Conley and Clarence Wright were detained in connection with a fatal shooting at a gas station in southwest Oklahoma City.

Police in Oklahoma City reacted to a report of a gunshot in May 2020. When the police came, they found Josh Stewart, 41, in the parking lot.

He was taken to a neighboring hospital by EMSA, where he succumbed to his wounds. At 7-Eleven, a shooting occurred close to I-240 and S May Avenue.

Many locals were shaken after a man was shot and murdered. During the investigation, Trey and Clarence were identified as suspects. Following that, they were detained and taken to the Oklahoma County jail. At the time, Clarence was 21 and Conley was 20.

The murder of Josh Stewart led to the arrest of Trey Conley.

Josh Stewart’s murderer, an Oklahoman guy named Trey Conley, was taken into custody.

Trevynn Conley and Clarence Wright were detained and brought to the Oklahoma County Jail on suspicion of murder.

Police were contacted after witnesses claimed to have heard gunfire between Southwest 74th Street and South May Avenue.

When they arrived, police claimed they discovered the victim, 41-year-old Josh Steward, in critical condition with a gunshot wound.

He was transported by ambulance to a nearby hospital where he later passed away from his wounds.

Murder Charges Against Trey Conley and Jail Time


Following his arrest and detention in the Oklahoma County Jail, Trevynn Conley, also known as Trey Conley, is now the target of an appeal from his family and friends.

In their petition, Brooklyn Shianne and her family claimed that Trevynn and Clarence acted in self-defense.

Additionally, they insisted that the two boys did not commit the crimes and that they were the ones who saved their own lives.

According to the Petition’s profile, they should be let to remain at home with their family instead of serving time away from them.

Additionally, the petition is seeking 5000 signatures; as of this writing, more than 2600 people have done so.

On the other hand, despite several media outlets currently following the issue, the police department has not given any updates on it.

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