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Who Is Scott Lindgren?-Biography, Wife, Career, & Net Worth

Who Is Scott Lindgren? Bio, Age, Ethnicity

As an expedition kayaker, Scott Lindgren, an American professional kayaker and filmmaker, is most known for completing first ascents in and near the Himalayas.

Additionally, he is a well-known cinematographer and producer who first gained recognition for his work on the films Into the Tsangpo Gorge (2012), Where the Trial Ends (2012), and Ultimate Rush (2011). (2002).

Social Media Presence

In terms of his online presence, he has 425 posts on Instagram and over 26k followers. He also has 978 followers.

Similarly to this, he has a Facebook page with 13 followers and more than 1.1k likes. She still doesn’t have a Wikipedia page, despite the fact that people are curious about his Wikipedia information.

Scott Lindgren, a professional kayaker and filmmaker from the United States, is 50 years old right now. He was born in 1972. But he hasn’t revealed his precise birthdate, so we don’t know when he was born.

In addition, he is a citizen of the United States and is from there. In the meantime, he practices Christianity and is of white ethnicity.

In addition to his physical condition, he is tall, standing at a height of around 5 feet 11 inches. He also has a respectable body weight.

In terms of his educational history, he has kept it a mystery to the general public. She began kayaking at a young age, and he appears to be a high school graduate.

Additionally, they are curious about his Wikipedia information. He isn’t listed on the Wikipedia page, though.

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More about Scott Lindgren

Scott Lindgren was raised by his parents in Northern California, where he also spent his early years with his brothers. His parents’ names, however, have remained a mystery because he has withheld all information about them.

Scott, meanwhile, grew up alongside his brother, Dustin. Scott owns a production company with his brother Dustin, who is a 32-year-old extreme skier.

Relationship Status of Scott Lindgren

Scott Lindgren is wed, and his wife is a woman by the name of Rachael Weiner. Scott has shielded the media from the specifics of his marriage and relationship. Rachael Weiner, his wife, can be found on Instagram under the handle @yogawatergirl, where she frequently posts images and videos of her travels and outdoor pursuits.

Scott is the delighted father of two children and has built a lovely family for himself and his wife. He currently resides in Meadow Vista, close to Auburn, with his family.

Scott Lindgren: Profession and Career

In the United States, Scott Lindgren has made a name for himself as a producer and director. His work as an editor on movies like Into the Tsangpo Gorge (2002) and Liquid Lifestyles 3: Spawning Grounds marked his entry into the entertainment sector (2001).

He has also worked as a producer for movies like Where the Trail Ends (2012), Ultimate Rush (2014), The River Runner (2021), and more. He has also worked as a cinematographer on hit movies like Three Great American Adventurers (1998) and Ten Adventures of a Lifetime (2004).

Additionally, Scott has made a name for himself as a skilled kayaker by paddling down the Yarling and Tsangpo rivers, among other rivers. He shot footage for the Andes to the Amazon and won a National Sports Emmy for Cinematography for his efforts.

What Is Scott Lindgren’s Net Worth?

About $300,000 is the current estimated net worth of Scott Lindgren. As a skilled kayaker and filmmaker, he leads an ordinary yet exciting life. He also makes some money from his sports and movies.

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