Who is Sharina Hudson? Bio, Age, Net Worth, Ethnicity, Nationality

Sharina Hudson

Who is Sharina Hudson?

Sharina Hudson is involved in a love triangle with Kevin Hunter and Wendy Williams, his ex-wife. After 21 years of marriage, Wendy, a prominent TV anchor, divorced Kevin because he cheated on her with Sharina. Sharina Hudson is currently a media celebrity, and the media’s focus on her is growing.

Sharina is a massage therapist by trade.

Sharina Hudson: Bio, Age, Profession, and Worth

Sharina is still shrouded in mystery, and only a few details are revealed.

She was born in 1986 in North Carolina, United States, and is of African-American descent. Sharina has not revealed much about herself or her career, although it is known that she has earned a respectable income as a massage therapist for Hollywood celebrities. Sharina Hudson’s net worth is estimated to be over $500,000 as of late 2019, and she reportedly has a beautiful property in Morristown, New Jersey that is over 3,500 square feet and costs $765,000 due to her relationship with Kevin.

Quick Facts about Sharina Hudson

Real Full Birth Name Sharina Hudson.
Nickname Sharina
Profession Massage Therapist.
Famous for being Being the Mistress of Wendy Williams’ husband Kevin Hunter.
Age 36 years old.
Date of Birth (DOB), Birthday 1986.
Birthplace/Hometown The USA.
Nationality American.
Gender Female.
Sun Sign (Zodiac Sign) Not available.
Ethnicity Afro-American.
Religion Christianity.
Current Residence 1. Morristown, New Jersey, USA.
2. New York City, New York, USA.

Relationship status of Sharina Hudson?

Sharina Hudson
Biography Zoom: Sharina Hudson (Source: Google)

Sharina has only recently joined the celebrity scene after it was revealed that she is in a relationship with Kevin Hunter, despite rumors that she and Kevin had been dating for over a decade despite Sharina’s marriage to Wendy Williams. Kevin hid his affair with Sharina until early 2019 when they were found by paparazzi at the Theater District Parking Garage. In addition, Sharina gave birth to Kevin’s daughter in March 2019, although the couple has not yet disclosed the name of Kevin’s second kid.

After the relationship was made public, Wendy quickly filed for divorce, which was finalized in September. As a result, Wendy was required to pay $250,000 for Hunter’s new home, as she said that she wants him out of their home; she then placed the home for sale. Sharina and Kevin appear to be enjoying their life together, as they are frequently spotted at restaurants, markets, and large events. Kevin lavishes Sharina with gifts, including a Chanel handbag, a Ferrari in gold, and a Rolls-Royce convertible.

Kevin Hunter’s Past Relationships

Kevin’s numerous extramarital romances during his marriage to Williams strained their relationship, although accounts indicate that they always reconciled. It is rumored that he had a double life before the divorce, with Sharina for as long as ten years before they were first spotted together. This resulted in a series of difficulties for Wendy, who is now battling alcoholism and other health issues, including hyperthyroidism and Graves’ disease.

Kevin Hunter: Bio

Kevin Hunter was born in Ontario, Canada, on September 17, 1972. He is a television producer, manager, and previous proprietor of a hair salon. Before he met Wendy, he owned and operated a hair salon, but he soon shifted his attention to radio and party promotion. As a result of their marriage, he became Wendy’s career manager and assisted her in becoming the person she is today.

With the debut of Wendy’s show, their prominence as a power couple soared; however, Kevin’s frequent abuse of Wendy and subsequent adulterous affairs caused problems to arise. Wendy gave birth to their only child, a son named Kevin Jr., in 2001. When Wendy discovered that Hunter was having his first of many affairs, she forgave him and they continued to live together. However, Kevin’s behavior remained, and their marriage was doomed to fail.

This year, after years of conflict, they finally divorced. Due to his excellent profession, Kevin’s estimated net worth is $10 million.

Wendy Williams: Bio

Wendy Williams is one of the primary protagonists in this love triangle, therefore let’s discuss her. Wendy Joan Williams was born in Asbury Park, New Jersey, on July 18, 1964. She spent her first five years in her hometown as the middle child of Thomas Williams and his wife Shirley, but then the family moved to the Wayside part of Ocean Township, New Jersey, where she attended Ocean Township High School.

She subsequently received a Bachelor of Science in communications from Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts.

Wendy Williams: Profession, Wealth, Personal Facts

Wendy began her career in radio, working for WVIS in the United States Virgin Islands. However, she quickly relocated to Washington after being hired by WOL and worked for several radio stations before receiving her time slot on WBLS in 2001. Seven years later, Debmar-Mercury syndicated “The Wendy Williams Show” for a six-week trial.

After being seen staring a bit too closely at his co-star, Justin Timberlake publicly apologized to his wife, Jessica Biel. After posting a photo in revealing underwear, Jason Derulo claims Instagram discriminated against him.

As the show gained popularity, Fox syndicated it, and since then Wendy has become one of the most popular television hosts. Wendy’s estimated net worth is approximately $40 million. Between 1994 and 1995, she was married to Bert Grigorie for only five months.

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