Tanya Hijazi

Who is Tanya Hijazi? Bio, Age, Ethnicity

Born and bred in the US, Tanya Hijazi works as both an actor and a costume designer. She is well known for her roles in a variety of movies and television shows, including The Unseen, I’m Rick James and Unsung.

She is also well known for having been the ex-wife of LateRick James, a producer, and musician from the United States.

Quick Facts about Tanya Hijazi

 Date of Birth: 1972
 Birth Nation: United States of America
Name Tanya Hijazi
Birth Name Tanya Anne Hijazi
Nationality American
Birth Place/City America
Ethnicity MIxed
Profession Actress, Costume designer
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Face Color White
Tattoo(s) No
Famous for �The Unseen,�I’m Rick James
Children daughter Ty James, sons Rick James Jr., and Tazman
Divorce Rick James
Movies �The Unseen,�I’m Rick James
TV Show Unsung
Online Presence Instagram

What is Tanya Hijazi’s Net Worth?

Tanya Hijazi’s net worth is predicted to reach $5 million, and she surely made more money through her roles in movies and documentaries. A TV personality in America makes an average of $81,000 per hour, according to payscale. The total wealth of her ex-husband Rick, on the other hand, was $35 million at the time of his passing.

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More about Tanya Hijazi

Tanya Hijazi, is 47 years old and was born in 1972 as Tanya Anne Hijazi (as of 2019). She has mixed ancestry and is a citizen of the United States. Neither his family history nor his academic background is known.

Tanya Hijazi : Profession and Career

Hijazi is a talented American actress and costume designer. For her ex-husband Rick James, she designed the sets and costumes. She even worked as The Unseen’s associate costume designer in 2005.

She appeared in movies like The Unseen(2005) and I’m Rick James(2009) after being married, sharing the screen with a number of well-known actors like Carlos Leon, Eric Smith, Gale Harold, Rick James, Charlie Murphy, and George Clinton.

Additionally, Hijazi has appeared in Unsung, a one-hour music documentary on TV One. A number of the greatest and most significant yet overlooked R&B, Soul, and Gospel singers from the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s were featured in the series.

Relationship Status of Tanya Hijazi

Sneaking into her private life. Tanya Hijazi was divorced once. She was formerly wed to the late Rick James. The couple exchanged vows on December 24, 1997. The pair were married in front of their parents, relatives, and close friends.

Ty James, Rick James Jr., and Tazman are her three children with her ex-partner. A trustworthy source claims that Hijazi and James first connected at a party in 1989. They first got together in 1990. The two also worked together on a number of profitable projects. The pair were jailed for their involvement in the assaults on Mary Sauger and Frances Alley in late 1993.

Hijazi was charged with 14 offenses and given a four-year sentence; however, after pleading guilty, she received just a concurrent two-year imprisonment. In retribution, she was also given a $5,000 fine. Later, James claimed that “only Hijazi struck the second woman; the first woman was burned by someone else.”

Due to various problems in their relationship, they got a divorce in December 2002 and thereafter got divorced. Her exact relationship status is still unknown, but some sources claim she is currently single. Tanya Hijazi is not in a relationship right now. She has totally cut herself off from society after her divorce from Rick. Learning more about Tanya’s private life is challenging due to her lack of social media participation.

Death of Rick James

At his Los Angeles residence, the Oakwood Toluca Hills apartment building, Rick James passed away on August 6, 2004. Because of his numerous health problems, which included diabetes, a pacemaker, a stroke, and a heart attack, he passed away from respiratory and cardiac failure. He was buried in Buffalo, New York’s Forest Lawn Cemetery.

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