Kevin Samuels

One of the most well-liked life coaches and relationship experts on social media was Kevin Samuels. Thousands of people watched Samuels’ live streaming, and several of them called in to ask Kevin for marital counseling.

Kevin has received criticism for his advice despite his achievements.

The backlash was directed at the University of Oklahoma alum for reportedly demeaning Black women and telling them they required approval from men. Kevin asserted that his strategies were effective, and backed up his claims.

He shared messages on Instagram from followers who had succeeded after following his recommendations.

Following Kevin Samuel’s passing in early May 2022, curiosity about his love life has been piqued. Everything is covered in this article.

Kevin Samuels
Biography Zoom: Kevin Samuels (Source: Google)

Kevin was charged with dissolving the marriage of @sixthegoddis by dating her

Kevin Samuels allegedly had a relationship with Instagram influencer @sixthegoddis, according to rumors.

After Kevin shared an Instagram picture of himself with the Instagram model, rumors of a connection started to circulate.

When it was revealed that Kevin was dating @sixthegoddis, some fans weren’t too happy about it. They claimed that the marriage of @sixthegoddis was destroyed by the life coach.

It is unknown if Kevin ever dated @sixthegoddis. According to a number of publications, the rumor is untrue.

Oshay Duke Jackson, a YouTuber, dismissed the accusations by saying that the significance of the snapshot Kevin shared was minimal. He stated:

“Just because he is out on a date and taking a photo with a woman doesn’t mean that she is his girlfriend, even though she is a major influencer and he is. Alright? That is not what it means. Alright?”

Samuels apparently had two unhappy marriages and had a romantic relationship with Brittany Renner

According to reports, Kevin Samuels was divorced from both of his marriages. They further assert that he has a daughter, age 21, whose identity he has concealed.

In November 2021, Kevin Samuels was rumored to be dating Instagram model Brittany Renner. By uploading a video of Renner to his Instagram profile, he started the rumors.

It’s unclear if the couple was dating or just hanging out.

Kevin Samuels
Biography Zoom: Kevin Samuels (Source: Google)

Kevin prefers to keep his private life private and out of the spotlight

A closely-kept secret is Kevin’s private life, particularly his love life. He could be well-versed in relationship advice, but it’s unclear whether his own experiences have proven those strategies to be effective.

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