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Tony Sentmanat

Who is Tony Sentmanat?

Tony Sentmanat is a former SWAT operator from Miami, Florida who served in the Marine Corps.

Tony Sentmanat has excellent knowledge of diet, weight training, and mixed martial arts, as well as exceptional real-life combat knowledge and expertise.

In his consulting firm, Tony teaches combat, physical fitness, and lifestyle guidance.

Short Career of Tony Sentmanat

Tony Sentmanat now has a successful life, getting there was anything but easy.

Before Tony found success as an entrepreneur and social media celebrity, he spent nearly two decades in law enforcement, experiencing highs and lows along the way.

Tony Sentmanat

Today, Tony shares his story to inspire people by demonstrating that everything is achievable with dedication, patience, and hard work:

Fighting becomes normal and quitting becomes difficult when the struggle is all you know.

Body Measurements of Tony Sentmanat

Full Name: Tony Sentmanat
DATE OF BIRTH: 13 January 1980
ERA: 2010
PROFESSION: Social Media Star, Entrepreneur, Ex-SWAT Officer, Marine Corps Veteran
AGE: 42
HEIGHT: 5’11” (180cm)
WEIGHT: 225 – 235lbs (102.1 – 106.6kg)

“Take a deep breath, hold your head up high. Have enough pride to stand up for what you believe, have enough humility to know that everyone you meet knows something you don’t, and have enough heart to always finish what you start.”

Tony Sentmanat


Tony’s Career Achievements

  • Marine Corps Veteran
  • SWAT Operator
  • MMA Expert
  • Firearms Instructor
  • Weight Training and Nutrition Specialist
  • Entrepreneur
  • Social Media Star

Awards and Accolades

  • Combat Cross
  • Officer of the Year
  • Crime Suppression Officer of the Year
  • Miami-Dade Police Chief’s Officer of the Month
  • Several Officer of the Month Awards
  • Several Officer of the Quarter Awards
  • Over 40 Commendations for Meritorious Service

“Every year in the Marines and Law Enforcement that didn’t break me made me stronger and made me the person I am today. I don’t regret a single day.”


Time Spent by Tony in the Army and SWAT

Tony Sentamanat, who was born and raised in Miami, Florida, started his journey when he joined the U.S.

Marines after graduating from high school. Tony developed all the abilities required to be durable, powerful, and successful in life while serving in the Marines, laying the groundwork for his future ambitions.

Tony started working as a State Correctional Officer as soon as his Army service was over. Soon after, he changed directions and started working as a law enforcement officer before transitioning into a SWAT operator.

The majority of Tony’s education and training in tactical operations, clandestine surveillance, and real-world’ warfare occurred while he was a member of SWAT.

Tony participated in about 700 actual operations as a SWAT operator, including multiple incidents where he collaborated with federal agencies from all over the country.

Tony spends a lot of time working out at the gym to maintain his strength while serving in the Marines and SWAT.

As he put it, “When I started weightlifting at the age of 17, I discovered how much I loved working out at the gym and pushed myself to get stronger.”

Tony became ever more passionate about weightlifting as the years passed.

Later Attempts

Then Tony retired from law enforcement after over two decades of service. From there, he decided to launch his consulting company using the skills and expertise he developed while working in law enforcement and his love of weightlifting.

Through the years, Tony expanded his clientele and provided invaluable weightlifting and combat training instruction to a huge number of people.

He then took it a step further and started video blogs, leveraging the online platform to get in front of even more people.

Tony attained the rank of social media celebrity by the year 2017.

He was able to fulfill a longstanding desire of launching his own company thanks to his distinctive expertise and experience in weightlifting and real-world fighting situations.

Since then, he has expanded this business to a degree he never imagined was feasible.

“I don’t believe in standards, I make my own. I don’t believe in limits, because I have none. If you make your own rules and live a life only you understand then everyone else is living in your world and they are just watching while you’re running the show!!”


Tony’s approach to training is straightforward. He works out largely to improve his size, strength, and functionality.

Many individuals, in Tony’s opinion, mistakenly feel that being large makes it more difficult to be swift, flexible, or nimble.

Tony Sentmanat

Tony, though, is living proof that size and functionality can coexist. He’ll perform activities like pushing the automobile with his body weight and flipping large tires.

Tony claims that these exercises are effective for both functional and strength training.

Tony Sentmanat flipped a giant heavy tire while being yelled at by another man.


Diet of Tony Sentmanat

Tony consumes a lot of foods high in protein to sustain his 5’11”, 230-pound frame. These consist of low-fat cheese, fish, poultry, and some plant-based protein sources.

Tony eats things like quinoa, sweet potatoes, and brown grains for energy. Last but not least, Tony eats healthy fats to support hormones and overall wellness. Olive oil, almonds, and avocados are examples.

Tony Sentmanat getting ready to perform a challenging dumbbell lift at the gym

Supplement Stack

  • Protein Powder
  • Multivitamin
  • Fish Oil

Tony Sentmanat

Influences and Idols

Anyone who is exercising or working harder to improve their life is an inspiration to Tony. the words of Tony;

“Someone out there who always trains and pushes themselves harder than me is my inspiration.

He or she is training when everyone else is asleep or partying, respectively. My motivation comes from knowing that someone is working to train me.

What Tony Sentmanat can teach us?

Tony Sentmanat stands out from the competition due to his lifelong dedication to martial arts, practical combat training, and bodybuilding.

Since he began his firm in 2014, his distinctive way of thinking has allowed him to expand it into a hugely profitable one.

There is no such thing as an impossible aim, as Tony’s story shows us. A successful life is much more likely if you believe you can achieve something and work hard to get there. In the end, everything comes down to your mindset.

There is no easy method, as Tony Sentamant states. No secrets. Just a lot of effort, enthusiasm, consistency, and dedication. You have to work even when you don’t want to.

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