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Who Is Violet Affleck Violet Affleck? Bio, Age, Parents, Celebrity Kids, Height

Violet Affleck

Actress Violet Affleck is well-known in the United States. The oldest child of actors Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner is named Violet Affleck. She was also shielded from the spotlight since her parents wanted to give her a typical childhood.

When was Violet Affleck Born? Age, Birthplace, Parents

The birth of Violet Affleck took place on December 1st, 2005. She is a native of California’s Los Angeles. She goes by Violet Anne Affleck. She is currently 16 years old, and Sagittarius is her sun sign. Actress Jennifer Garner and actor and filmmaker Ben Affleck are her parents.

In Charleston, West Virginia’s “Christ Church United Methodist,” Violet was baptized on December 24, 2006. Her well-known parents also ensured that she enjoyed a typical childhood by shielding her from the media and social media.

Violet Affleck
Biography Zoom: Violet Affleck Family (Source: Google)

In order to ensure that the paparazzi avoided Violet when she was growing up, her father even turned to the legal system for assistance.

Seraphina Rose Elizabeth Affleck and Samuel Garner Affleck are her two other siblings. Samuel was born on February 27, 2012, while Seraphina was born on January 6, 2009. Her parents split when she was nine years old.

She lived primarily with her mother despite the fact that her parents shared custody of her physically and legally.

Ben, though, never left her side while she was a child. She also enjoys playing soccer. Violet enjoys dancing, riding horses, and reading.

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Public Appearances

In addition to her parents, Violet has frequently appeared in public. Additionally, she has occasionally been seen by both of her parents.

She did, however, make one of her earliest public appearances in 2013. It happened when she was seen separately with her father and her mother.

Additionally, she was seen a few times in March 2018.

Furthermore, Seraphina, Violet’s sister, and Violet were first seen together in Los Angeles. On March 14, after a weak, she was spotted with her mother.

The two were out and about in New York’s streets shopping at the time. The same day, they were once more observed at “JFK Airport.” So, before they boarded a plane to return to their hometown.

She was also photographed sporting a grey coat, a grey skirt, and grey leggings while she was in New York.

She gained notoriety on August 7th, 2018, when her mother posted a captivating tale on her official Instagram profile.

Garner, therefore, took Violet kayaking as part of one of the actress’s endeavors to spend quality time with her oldest child.

But after 100 hours of arduous paddling, they became disoriented and eventually found themselves in a shipping lane, where they found themselves in hazardous waters.

After which, they were saved by Mattias, a skilled kayaker, with whom Garner later took a selfie.

Garner also made a rare public appearance in August to get a Hollywood Walk of Fame star while accompanied by all of her children.

Violet appeared on the scene dressed in a white gown. As a result, the local media labeled Violet as Jennifer Garner’s clone.

Personal Life, Relationship, Single?

Violet, who is only 16 years old, is single. She, therefore, has plenty of time to choose a devoted and sincere spouse for herself.

Her charm, talent, and beauty could undoubtedly entice a lot of suitors. She was certain to find a loving and caring partner in the future.

Body Measurements: Height, Weight

Violet Affleck Family
Biography Zoom: Violet Affleck Family (Source: Google)

Violet is a lovely and pleasant woman. She has lovely blonde hair and a lovely pair of brown eyes. She is about 40 kg and 4 feet 10 inches tall. Her hip, waist, and chest measurements are 30-25-31 inches each. She will undoubtedly mature, and when she does, her measurements will change.

Social Media And Net Worth

She hasn’t joined any social media networks yet. Violet has managed to keep her personal life private while remaining under the radar.

Violet has not yet established her profession and is now too young. She also has no net worth at the moment. However, when it comes to her parents’ wealth, her mother Jennifer is worth $80 million, while her father Ben Affleck is worth $150 million. Today, Violet is undoubtedly leading an opulent life.

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