Who is Zion David Marley? Bio, Age, Parents, Career, Relationship

Zion David Marley

Who is Zion David Marley?

Zion David Marley is well-known for being the child of Rohan Marley, a well-known reggae singer, and Lauryn Hill, a well-known and well-liked R&B singer. Zion David Marley also includes the celebrity family. Bob Marley, the renowned reggae singer, is the father of Rohan Marley.

Additionally, Bob Marley’s granddad is a cultural legend and performs reggae. The vocalist for the outstanding hip-hop trio Fugee is Lauryn Hill. Like Rohan Marley, who is a hybrid of a Jamaican and American former football player as well as an American businessman.

On August 3, 1997, Zion David was born in the United States. He is currently 24 years and 6 months old and is enjoying life to the fullest. He will turn 25 in a short while. In South Orange, New Jersey, he was born, raised, and raised.

Zion David Marley: Bio, age, family, and parents

As previously stated, On August 3, 1997, Zion David was born in the United States. He is jogging at the age of 24 and is living his life to the fullest in 2022. His mother Lauryn Hill, a very well-known and well-liked R&B singer, and his father Rohan Marley, a very well-known and well-liked reggae artist, are his parents. Additionally, he is the great-grandson of Bob Marley, the most renowned and well-known reggae artist in history.

Zion David is the oldest of five siblings, who include two sisters and two brothers. His two sisters are Sarah Marley (born in 2008) and Selah Louise Marley (born on November 12, 1998), and his two brothers are John Nesta Marley (born in 2003) and Joshua Omaru Marley (Whose date of birth is January 26, 2002).

Zion David needs to thoroughly embrace his youth. Zion David was born in the US, making him a citizen of the country. Additionally, he is both Afro-American and American, making him an Afro-American with the astrological sign of Leo. His other four siblings all had happy childhoods and enjoyed each other’s company.

Zion David grew up in South Orange, New Jersey, at Lauryn Hill’s home.

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Quick Facts about Zion David Marley

Real Name Zion David Marley
Profession(s) Family Member,
Birthday November 12, 1998
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Age 23 years
Birthplace United States
Hometown  United States
Nationality American

Zion David Marley: Profession, Career

David Marley works for his father, Rohan Marley, at the family business. He is too busy working for his father’s firm to develop his career. Rohan Marley is a co-founder of Marley Coffee, a business devoted to the cultivation and planting of organic coffee.

Zion David Marley: Children


Zion On February 19, 2019, Zephaniah Nesta Marley, David Marley’s girlfriend, gave birth to their first child together. David is 19 years old.

What is Zion David Marley’s net worth?

Since he does not have a career of his own, as we can see above, his net worth fluctuates. Even Zion David has concealed the size of his fortune. According to some surveys, his net worth is $1 million.

Social media presence

With 43.4k followers, Zion David is currently active on Instagram.

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