Victoria Kalina

Why Is Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Victoria Kalina Leaving DCC?

Victoria Kalina is quitting DCC, why?

Victoria Kalina is the dancer who recently declared her comeback to the Dallas Cowboys amid the turmoil surrounding her departure from the cheerleading group.

She will serve as the Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. 

Since enrolling in 2019 as a dancer and cheerleader, Victoria Kalina has enjoyed two fantastic years with the NFL club.

Fans instantly developed a bond with her and began frequently following her.

Victoria finally started to stand out among the cheerleaders as one of the recognizable faces.

Kalina had barely been a member of the team for two years when, to everyone’s surprise, she quit.

She was already a star in the DCC, therefore her supporters were ostensibly the ones who felt the most let down among the large crowd.

They spent months looking for the cause of her departure, but nothing was revealed in the media, leaving the mystery unanswered.

Even though the woman has announced her return home on Instagram, her ecstatic fans are nonetheless concerned about what happened to her during the year she was away.

Victoria Kalina
Biography Zoom: Victoria Kalina (Source: Instagram)

Victoria Kalina’s departure from DCC: Why?

After two years of cheerleading for the DCC, Victoria Kalina quit due to unresolved personal issues.

It appeared as though she abruptly left the group without giving her followers any warning or explanation.

Although there was no concrete information about her departure, soon it emerged from the conversations that the woman had some issues and needed some time to deal with them.

Online rumors suggested that Kalina may have been ill, had a traumatic event, or been involved in an accident, but specific details are still lacking.

Only Victoria and her close friends are aware of what transpired and the reasons Victoria left DCC.

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Victoria Kalina Has Joined The DCC Again—Did She Retire Before?

Victoria Kalina didn’t leave the DCC, as she will return in 2022 for the third season of the cheerleading squad.

Many people assumed the woman may have retired only after two years of membership as a DCC member because of how suddenly she left.

To recover from the constant challenges in her life, she required a brief sabbatical rather than retirement.

She was a longtime DCC wannabe who joined the squad in 2019 as a fresher. She danced with the group for two seasons.

For the 2021 season, she took a hiatus, and she is currently back for the 2022 season.

In a recent Instagram post, Kalina expressed her gratitude to everyone who had inquired about her well-being and confirmed her return to the DCC for the 2022 season.

Victoria Kalina return to the DCC
Biography Zoom: Victoria Kalina returns to the DCC (Source: Instagram)

Who Is the Boyfriend of Victoria Kalina?

There were allegations that Victoria Kalina left the DCC because of her breakup with her lover, although there is no proof for this accusation.

On Reddit, several people speculated that the woman had a painful breakup with her lover, which is why she deleted all of his images from her Instagram.

People also believed that she left because of the same incident.

Victoria, 22, hasn’t talked about the situation with her supporters or the media, either.

She appears single at the moment because she hasn’t been seen in recent times with any potential romantic interests.

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