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Why Sarah Ziolkowska, Nathan Fielder’s ex-wife, filed for divorce?

Comedian Nathan Fielder’s docu-reality series Nathan For You is based on his teenage self.  Nathan Fielder has admitted to embellishing aspects of himself for comedic effect.

He has added that the role is still essentially him, but that a lot of the attention has been given to the fears and weaknesses of his younger self.

And despite the fact that Fielder has no qualms about revealing aspects of himself through his characters, the comedian has hardly ever discussed his personal life in public.

Nathan Fielder
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Former wife and Nathan Fielder

There isn’t much information available about Fielder outside of his professional career because he hasn’t talked much about his personal life.

Previous to this, the comedian was wed to Sarah Ziolkowska. Before he became famous, he and his ex-wife were acquainted in Canada.

She was employed as a kid’s librarian. Although the date of their nuptials is unknown, they divorced in 2014. The two allegedly filed for divorce in the Stanley Mosk Courthouse in Los Angeles, California, on April 16, 2015.

When Fielder spoke to the A.V. Club in 2015, he opened up for the first time about his divorce from his ex-wife.

He admitted there that he enjoyed people watching his work and programs but not himself. He also admitted that because his divorce was “shattering,” he didn’t know how to discuss it.

Fielder called their breakup “amicable,” but insisted it was nonetheless a difficult emotional experience.

“It was one of the heaviest things, despite the fact that it was extremely friendly. I was unsure of how to discuss it,” he admitted.

However, I’m in a good place right now, and I think that’s probably similar to how you’re thinking—not that it’s comparable to cancer, but you know. [Pause.] Undoubtedly, divorce is worse than cancer. I’m just kidding, I’m sorry.

The cause of Fielder’s divorce from his ex-wife is still a mystery.

The On-Screen Romance of Nathan Fielder

Fielder hasn’t talked about his personal life since being open about his divorce in an interview with the A.V. Club.

Since then, the only time we have seen him have a romantic relationship is with a woman named Maci at the conclusion of Nathan For You.

In the two-hour special episode, Fielder sets out to find Frances, the long-lost love of his youth, in order to assist Bill Heath, a Bill Gates imitation.

Fielder meets Maci, a paid escort, while he is doing this. The two go on several dates in the order that follows.

Fielder provides audio commentary in various sequences, outlining the evolution of their relationship and his emotions regarding it.

He makes a remark about it being challenging to distinguish between the show and real life in one specific case.

The more we shot, the more difficult it became to distinguish between real life and the show.

The scenario involving Fielder and Maci has not changed since the end of the event, according to the audience.

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