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Why she is accused of killing her two sons: Lamora Williams’ story

Lamora Williams

Lamora Williams, a 24-year-old Atlanta resident, called Jameel Penn in October 2017 to inform him that his two boys had passed away.

The video call, according to Jameel, “was like a real horror movie.” It was Friday the thirteenth. I just realized what was going on when I saw my child in that way.

Ke’Yaunte Penn and Ja’Karter Williams were discovered by emergency personnel with their heads inside an oven.

Williams allegedly put the kids in the oven and cranked the heat to high. The possibility that the boys had been slain before being put in the oven could not be ruled out by the medical examiner.

However, the boys were in the oven for a considerable amount of time, according to the autopsy report.

“These thermal alterations seem to be entirely the result of dry heat and alterations brought on by extended heat exposure. To reach this degree, a significant period of time would be needed.

According to Lamora’s mother, she appeared troubled from a young age

Lamora’s parents believed she had a mental disorder from infancy, according to Jameel Penn, who spoke to CBS46. Brenda Williams, Williams’ mother, said to the publication:

She was slow to pick things up. She had to be taken out of school so we could homeschool her.

She would do simple things like cut the heads off of her dolls and those of my other daughter. You are aware that we encounter scenes like this in horror films.

According to Penn, Lamora deteriorated when her father passed away in 2014. After 2014, “it became worse and worse every year,” according to Penn.

When she lost him, she “lost the world” since he served as her “backbone.”

After Lamora’s boyfriend left, Brenda Williams tried to seize custody of the children

At the age of 18, Lamora Williams gave birth to a daughter as her first child. The youngster was cared for by the father of her daughter.

After that, Williams began dating Jameel Penn, with whom she later had three children. Jameel and Lamora split up in 2017, but he continued to give her financial and practical support as she raised the kids.

“Mora wasn’t right; she never has been right, and when the mother of the children’s father left her three months ago, I warned him that something terrible was about to happen.

She’s going to do something to herself as well as those children.

Brenda made an effort to either win custody of the kids or get the cops to take them away from her.

She claimed that Lamora wasn’t feeding the kids and that she was worried about her mental health when she called the Division of Family and Children Services.

Brenda’s worries were supported by Tabitha Hollingworth, Lamora’s sister, who said that Lamora frequently left the children at home alone.

She had problems, and it was a problem that the state let her down, Tabitha added. She frequently left her kids alone at home, and she had even tried to slit her wrists.

A member of Williams’ family claimed that Lamora experienced postpartum depression.

Lamora Williams
Biography Zoom: Brenda Williams (Source: Google)

Williams informed the 911 operator that she was unsure of the boys’ killer

Lamora contacted her close friend Neesa Smith on October 13th, 2017. Lamora, in anguish, informed Smith that she was unable to continue and that her two youngest children were dead.

Neesa suggested she call the police, but instead of doing so, she made a call to Jameel.

Williams told the operator several times that she didn’t want to go to jail because her children had passed away while she was at work.

Lamora informed the dispatcher, “This is extremely serious.” I’m very terrified. Since I was there for work, I don’t want to go to jail.

Lamora appeared to attribute her children’s deaths to her cousin. “I simply left my cousin with my kids in the house,” she said.

My door was left open by her. The one baby boy I have, my oldest baby boy, is the only one alive and present.

They were left alone in the house by her after she departed. They’re not here, where she left them.

Lamora claimed she discovered her infants dead on the stove after finally providing the operator with her location.

She subsequently attributed the death to her sister, despite having earlier claimed that her cousin was the babysitter. Lamora said, “My sister was watching my kids and she left my kids dead in the house.”

Lamora was accused of murder in 2018, but it’s not known if she was imprisoned

Lamora’s relatives believed that she was capable of carrying out the murders. Brenda remarked, “My daughter is a sick person if she did what I think she did.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution questioned Tabitha about whether she believed Williams was capable of killing her two children, and Tabitha categorically said, “Yes.”

Lamora was charged with concealing a death, aggravated assault, murder, and making a false statement by a grand jury.

Because her 3-year-old son Jameel was present when his brothers died, she was also accused of child maltreatment.

According to the medical examiner, the youngsters had no fractures or other signs of blunt force trauma. The electric oven hurt their bodies even though they weren’t scorched.

Police believed Lamora placed the children in the oven to hide the murderous technique.

There have been no further developments on the trial, and Lamora’s name does not come up in the Georgia Department of Corrections inmate search, thus it is unclear whether she was found guilty.

It’s possible that the judge determined she wasn’t competent to stand trial because of concerns about her mental state.

If so, the court would have allowed her to be admitted to a hospital or psychiatric institute.

The boys’ interments were covered by local funeral homes. To raise money for his kids, Jameel set up a GoFundMe website. The page’s description reads:

“Jameel Penn Jr. and London Williams will never get to see their brothers again. I will never see my two youngest sons again. All because of mental disease.

I am not the same person but I have to be strong for the kids I have left.”

Lamora Williams
Biography Zoom: Lamora Williams (Source: Google)

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