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With Kate Chastain and Kelley Johnson as hosts, Ben Mandelker and Ronnie Karam spilled the Season 4 details; the hosts provided a fascinating insight into the season and the ensemble.

Before diving into the fascinating cast backstories, Kate and the “terrified” Kelley addressed their personal connection.

Kate remarked, “I don’t think Kelley and I didn’t get along because he was scared. “That was merely a bonus. He did an excellent job, and we both showed respect for one another, so I believe we got along well.

Regarding the cast dynamics that shaped the fourth season of the popular yachting series, Kate and Kelly were forthright.


Below Deck
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Nico is known as the group’s biggest camera-whore. When it came time for Nico to turn it on for Bravo, Kelley claims that Nico’s entire manner shifted.

He is referred to as the person who “added drama” for the cameras by both Kate and Kelley. Kate describes Nico as a “wonderful entertainer” with an “excellent camera presence.”

On a more intimate level, Kate claims that she was “flabbergasted” to see Nico and Lauren acting badly toward her considering that she barely spoke to them throughout the entire season.

They (Nico and Lauren) shot themselves in the foot because their egos got the best of them, says Kate.


For both Kate and Kelley, the character reveal of Lauren turned out to be the biggest cast surprise of the season.

Kelley admits that when he saw Lauren “speaking sh*t” behind his back, he was astounded.

I had absolutely no idea, Kelly remarked. “I truly did protect her the entire season. I kept an eye out for her. There were so many things I was trying to protect her from, and it seemed like the captain was out to get her.

Kelly admits that although he still speaks to Lauren “sometimes,” he has no desire to interact with her.

After seeing the show, Kelley claims that Lauren “sucked” and “had him tricked,” both professionally and personally.

Lauren was apparently lazy, and Kelley and Kate concur that she deserved Captain Lee’s scolding.

Without cleaning anything, Kate shares a humorous narrative about an incident in which she and Captain Lee saw Lauren circle the boat four times while holding a chamois.

Kate makes fun of Captain Lee, saying that he was disappointed that Bravo didn’t include the spectacle in the show.

“I think she’s one of those people who thinks that if you simply stroll about looking like you’re working, it’s good enough,” she quips.


Kate admits that her arguments with Ben earned her the season’s top drama spots. She admits that Ben is still acting dishonestly, taking advantage of her “when it favors him,” and then “turning on” her when there is a reward.

“It’s incredibly irritating because he (Ben) kept acting shady in the same way, so that apology was never sincere.

“Oh, you’re my friend, oh wait, you’re not,” says Kate. “I don’t want to keep falling for it.

He’ll phone you and pretend that you two are closest friends and that he wants to visit you (me) in your hometown, but he’ll actually be there for another reason that you won’t realize for three weeks.

After a difficult season two, Kelley tried to rebuild his relationship with Ben, only to be let down when he learned that Ben was once again talking trash about him behind his back.

Kelley describes him as “selfish,” adding that he acts the same way whether or not the cameras are present. He’s in for it as long as it helps him. He doesn’t value something if it doesn’t help him.

Both Kelley and Kate concur that Ben simply does not view friendship the same way other people do. Kate talks about a long-running “habit of conduct” that has been ineffective.

The drink Kate served Ben during the finale, which he shot back just before he retaliated against her, was actually the last of a pricey bottle of champagne Kate had purchased to share with the ensemble, Kate reveals.


Sierra is named the production’s biggest pain in the ass. Sierra was liked by Kate, but she thought she was “paranoid and defensive.”

Sierra would lose control and start to upset people. When Sierra didn’t want to participate in the real experience, Kate claimed that she would scream or run away from the cameras.

Everyone found it a little perplexing as to why she was there or what she anticipated it would be like, as Kate explains.

Kelley says he has “nothing pleasant” to say about Sierra. Funnily, Kelley also says that Sierra would chew with her mouth open in order to irritate Kyle.

Below Deck cast
Biography Zoom: Below Deck cast (Source: Google)


Both Kate and Kelley can reach Kyle. Kyle, who had recently broken up with his transgender girlfriend Ashley, stayed with Kate.

Kyle was “waving around” the ring he purchased from Kate on the show, and Kate admits that she would want to get her money back. Both Kate and Kelley were stunned by Kyle’s coming out.

Kate offered her own self-assessment, adding a delish warning nod to next season.

“That’s what’s ironic to me. This was my most lenient, nice, laid back season because I am kind of tired of everyone assuming that I am just some kind of huge bitch — because I’m not,” Kate shares.

“So I guess I have to be even nicer this season, and then, that’s the season that everyone ends up hating me. So I think if I do it again — niceness is overrated.”

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