Nathan Fielder

Nathan Fielder may be having a secret girlfriend

Nathan Fielder enjoys dating his new love interest. The fan base for Nathan Fielder is enormous. Many are therefore interested in learning about his personal life.

On social media, inquiries in particular concerning his love life frequently trend. Many of his admirers and followers are interested to learn if he is in a relationship or has a girlfriend.

People are generally interested in hearing all the rumors concerning his connection. There have recently been speculations that Fielder has a new girlfriend and is back in the dating scene.

Even the Instagram gossip page Deuxmoi is interested in the mystery. Here is what we are aware of at this time.

Does anyone know about Fielder’s girlfriend?

Fielder made his relationship with and recent move-in with his new girlfriend public in July 2022. But no one is aware of who she is.

He keeps his personal affairs highly private and rarely talks about his relationships in interviews or online. It is hardly surprising that he has remained silent about the matter as a result. Deuxmoi was recently questioned about Fielder’s romantic life. Deuxmoi is an Instagram news outlet that publishes material on their social media that they have obtained from unnamed sources.

The information they have given has generally shown to be accurate. Deuxmoi’s response to Fielder was that they think The Rehearsal actress is dating a “normie.” They refer to someone who is neither famous nor employed by the entertainment business as a “normie.” But it’s only their assumption; it’s not the complete story.

Deuxmoi acknowledged that Fielder is frequently the subject of inquiries. Since the actor is a straightforward man with little to no drama in his life, there are unfortunately no rumors circulating about him.

Nathan Fielder
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Who is the wife of Nathan Fielder?

Fielder’s romantic life has also been highlighted on Twitter. They think Cherisse Gray, an artist, and him are dating.

It is impossible to determine whether these rumors are true, though. The Nathan for You actor previously had a committed relationship with his wife, children’s librarian Sarah Ziolkowska. The two allegedly met before Fielder became well-known.

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What was the reason behind the divorce between them?

In 2011, they got married. Sadly, their union did not survive very long. The career of Fielder is cited as the reason for the divorce. He started to remove himself from his wife when he started to excel in the entertainment industry, which harmed their marriage. They started living separately in 2014 as their marriage started to go down.

With no chance of reconciliation, Fielder and his wife finally got a divorce on April 16, 2015, at the Stanley Mosk Courthouse in Los Angeles, California.

In a 2017 Rolling Stone interview, he admitted that he was “seeing someone” following his divorce in 2014, which he alludes to in The Rehearsal.

He admitted that the separation was unpleasant and pledged to keep his personal connections private. In an interview with New York Magazine (Vulture) that was published on July 5, 2022, five years after their wedding, Fielder opened up about his marriage and current love life.

He claimed that he initially encountered his ex-wife at a comedy show, and the two of them got married in 2011. While Season 2 of Nathan for You was being produced, they got divorced.

Fielder found it challenging to start dating again after divorcing his wife. It’s not always simple to let someone in like that, he remarked.

Did he move on?

Thankfully, though, he recently moved in with his new girlfriend and has been content since they started dating. He acknowledged that he had told her everything, adding, “It’s been fine.”

But he kept his relationship a secret, leaving it up to speculation.

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