After the drama in Aspen, Lisa Rinna released private texts from Kathy Hilton pleading with her to keep quiet

Kathy Hilton

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills will soon feature a scene where a lot of turmoil occurs while the women are vacationing in Aspen.

In the preview for the upcoming episode, Kathy Hilton is seen yelling and storming out of a pub in Aspen.

After her co-stars declined to sample the alcohol that she and her daughters spent so much time on, Kathy became irritated with them.

After Rinna placed another order for 818, a bar run by her supposed friend Kendall Jenner, things worsened.

Kathy Hilton
Biography Zoom: Kathy Hilton (Source: Instagram)

Due to the incident, Lisa Rinna has received a lot of criticism from fans.

“So disrespectful of Rinna to a friend and castmate, especially when she expects the support of all of her activities,” one viewer commented.

Combined with Kyle’s snark from the previous evening when Kathy said she wanted their feedback, this was a slap in the face to Kathy.

Kathy had every reason to be angry. Kyle Richards responded, “I don’t care,” when Dorit mentioned in another moment how much it bothered her that they hadn’t tried her tequila. Dorit is Kathy’s sister.

Rinna revealed texts between her and Kathy in which she asks her to keep quiet about anything after receiving so much backlash.

The messages said, “Please please do not divulge anything that we talk about,” and were captured in screenshots that were uploaded to Rinna’s Instagram Stories.

Otherwise, it will cause a tremendous spectacle that involves everyone. Not good.

“Please it goes further than you would want to know,” read the second text. It’s best to keep quiet. I’m not saying anything.

Lisa Rinna
Biography Zoom: Lisa Rinna (Source: Instagram)

Viewers of Bravo had conflicting reactions to Rinna’s revelation of the texts.

“Lisa is desperate and I won’t believe anything about her Kathy expose,” one individual remarked. She’s made herself known.

She will challenge any fan favorite in an effort to secure her spot for the following season.

In response to her meltdown on the Aspen trip, Lisa Rinna claimed that Kathy Hilton had given her a cease and desist letter.

On her Instagram Stories, Rinna proclaimed, “Oh gosh, are we back to stop and desist? Ooof!” Hilton was escorted back to their accommodation in Aspen by the actress.

Reps close to Hilton, though, disputed that they’d ever written Rinna a cease-and-desist letter.

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