Arionne claims she witnessed Maurice cheating on his wife

Arionne Curry

Martell Holt’s ex-mistress Arionne Curry is speaking out as her relationship with Martell continues to be a hot topic among the cast of “Love and Marriage Huntsville.”

Martell’s long-term romance with Arionne ultimately led to the dissolution of his marriage to Melody Holt, and now Arionne is accusing other married males in the cast of adultery.

Recent claims made by Arionne on Instagram Stories claim that she saw Maurice Scott cheat on his wife Kimmi back in 2015.

During the recently broadcast reunion series, Maurice refuted the claim that he met Arionne while traveling to Atlanta with Martell as a group of guys.

Arionne Curry
Biography Zoom: Arionne Curry (Source: Instagram)

Arionne claims she witnessed Maurice cheating on his wife while on that trip

While implying that Marsau Scott engaged in bad behavior as well, Arionne said that she was holding back for the time being because he was honest with the audience.

Carlos King, the reunion host, questioned the male cast members on the most recent broadcast of the show about how long they had been aware of Martell’s relationship with Arionne.

Before the couple broke up, Arionne eventually became pregnant, as is known to the fans. After the show, Arionne took to social media to vent her resentment at being the subject of conversation.

During the 2015 trip, Marsau Scott acknowledged that he did see Arionne, saying that she “showed up out of nowhere.”

In spite of Arionne allegedly being present at a nightclub with the group, Marsau’s brother, Maurice, denied not only seeing Arionne but also seeing her with Martell.

I didn’t go out with you and her, you know, when you claim we all went out, Marsau remarked.

According to Arionne, she was present for the three men’s night out and even took a snapshot of them at the club.

She alleges that after taking the picture, which Marsau just shared on Instagram, she saw Maurice cheat.

Marsau Scott with his wife
Biography Zoom: Marsau Scott with his wife (Source: Instagram

She stated that she went to Rays on The River with the guys for brunch

This was the vacation where Maurice had an inappropriate relationship with a linebacker who looked like a b**** the night before we went to Rays on the River for breakfast.

They all lie so much and have to bring up my name to remain relevant. FACTS” wrote Arionne on her Instagram Story.


I went upstairs right after and asked Martell what Kimmi looked like since I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, she continued.

Latisha, Marsau’s wife, was also the target of some jabs from Arionne, who wrote, “I’ll spare you tonight Marsau.

You’re partially right, but advise your wife to check her words so I don’t offend her.

On his own Instagram Story on Monday, Maurice appeared to deny Arionne’s charges in a hazy manner.

Don’t kill me with type! Name them! I don’t know you, and I know you don’t know me. He wrote.

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