Ashley Marti

Ashley Marti, who left the show Below Deck Sailing Yacht, recently tweeted about her new company. Ashley Marti boasted to her Twitter followers on June 28 about how much money she was making on OnlyFans compared to her time with Bravo.

“Just want to appreciate @BravoWWHL for all the free OF publicity,” Ashley wrote. I enjoy discovering when I wake up that I have earned more money in a few hours than #Bravo has ever paid me in six weeks.

Ashley Marti has about 4,100 fans on the adult website where she costs $12.50 for a subscription, according to the Daily Mail. She reportedly earns close to $51,000 each month, according to the news source.

Ashley Marti
Biography Zoom: Ashley Marti (Source: Instagram)

Fans of Bravo responded to Ashley’s tweet

While some people cheered her on, others believed that she didn’t deserve the recognition she gained from the show.

“Sad that someone who didn’t stop when their partner said NO is getting this type of attention,” one user retorted.

Gary would receive death threats rather than offers of payment to submit his underwear if the situation were reversed.

Someone is bitter because they were the most despised bravolebrity, a different fan said in addition.

“Ashley Martin don’t listen to the haters,” a third admirer urged. Continue working and eating! Let them be if they’re mad!

Since her “hookup” with Gary King when he was intoxicated, Ashley has received a ton of criticism from fans.

The former Bravo star claimed that the network’s editing prevented her from attending the Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3 reunion. She informed her supporters that she had decided not to take part in the reunion.

In addition to feeling like I would not be able to properly explain my side of the story due to editing, I did not have the energy or desire to continue serving as a puppet for Bravo during the time it was being filmed.

Ashley Marti
Biography Zoom: Ashley Marti (Source: Instagram)

During the gathering, Gary and Ashley Marti discussed the incident.

When host Andy Cohen questioned him about whether he felt assaulted while with Ashley, he categorically denied it and said that the public was being unfair to his co-star.

I appreciate everyone’s support, but there was nothing to it. I think Ashley should be left alone in that situation because it wasn’t what it seemed to be.

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