Harry Valez

Harry made an appearance in season three of Love After Lockup, which gave viewers a glimpse into his romance with Indie Treadwell.

Valez was detained and found guilty of kidnapping and aggravated robbery. He was imprisoned for three years.

Harry was recently heard offering something to individuals nearby during a podcast appearance on Kikki and Kibbitz.

On camera, he kept saying, “Mocha.” The hosts, though, had no idea what he was referring to. They were perplexed because he kept saying the same word repeatedly.

“A lot of people are concerned about TV shows and how my relationship is with Indie, but they have to realize it’s a TV show for entertainment purposes,” Valez said when asked about his relationship with Indie.

Even if the information wasn’t accurate, Indie and I are the only ones that care. He further stated that much of the content on the program is scripted for amusement.

Harry Valez’s girlfriend, Indie, came out a few days after the interview to claim that he was reportedly dealing drugs.

Indie claims that “Mocha” is Cleveland slang for heroin, so when Harry called out that phrase, he was actually offering to provide the customers with the possibly lethal poison.

Harry Valez
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Since he was released from prison, Harry and Indie’s relationship has gone through ups and downs.

In episode 4 of Love After Lockup, Harry confesses to having an extramarital affair with Terri.

Additionally, he is undecided as to which of the two ladies he loves more. Indie catches a glance at Terri’s text and is outraged when she sees it. Valez refuses to respond when one of the producers asks who Terri is.

He instead departs for the evening. Harry replies that it’s none of her business when the producer inquires as to his whereabouts.

Yolanda, Indie’s mother, visited the pair in Ohio to discuss their relationship in a recent episode.

Regarding Indie’s position, one supporter stated, “I simply feel like it’s time for Indie to go on with her life. She is not at all respected by Harry.

He wouldn’t be out all night and wouldn’t skip dinner if he did.

“Ummmm Harry never made Indie feel like she was the only one he was actually cheating on her before she got to Ohio and she knew…but still came,” wrote another admirer on Twitter. #loveafterlockup.”

Indie Treadwell
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