Sofia Carson

Many Hollywood stars choose to keep their personal relationships private. Of them is Sofia Carson. She is known for keeping her love connections quiet and feigning ignorance when questioned about them.

Since her breakout performance in the Disney Channel’s Descendants series, rumors have linked the actress to a few boyfriends.

The star appears to have only been involved in on-screen romantic relationships other than that. Here is everything we know about her love life, including whether or not she is dating anyone.

Has Sofia Carson ever dated anyone?

Whether Carson has a boyfriend remains a mystery. However, Manolo Gonzalez Vergara, Sofa Vergara’s son, and the Purple Hearts actress had long been rumored to be dating.

Actually, the two have been romantically involved at various points in Carson’s career. When she cuddled up to him in an Instagram photo from December 2016, fans believed they were more than just friends.

Similarly to this, Manolo held Carson over his shoulders and in front of him while performing squats in an Instagram video from February 2018. This caused more rumors to surface regarding their relationship.

The pair, however, hasn’t confirmed or denied the claims of their relationship. Therefore, it is unknown if they ever felt romantically attracted to one another.

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What did Sofia Carson talk about her love life?

Carson stated that she made the decision to keep her dating life private in an Extra interview in January 2022. It was “totally purposeful,” she said, adding. She declared that her romantic life will not be included in her works of art, music, or films. Although the actress enjoys sharing some intimate moments with her admirers, she keeps her personal affairs private.

It was undoubtedly a decision on her part to maintain her privacy because, in her words, “this isn’t about my private life. There’s more to it than that.

In a conversation with Coveteur in December 2017, she talked about her love life and the song “Ins and Outs.” She claimed that the only reason she had been afraid of falling in love was that it implied vulnerability and the potential for being hurt.

Although I had never even kissed a boy at the time, she added, “I don’t know what it is, but even when I was a little kid, I would always compose incredibly dramatic, really gloomy love songs about my heart being broken.”

She reasoned that perhaps she had experienced a “truly crushed heart” in a previous existence. Throughout the discussion, she made hints that she was now in a heartbreaking situation.

Sofia Carson
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Do they admit that they are dating?

She made no mention, however, of whether she split up with her partner or of any other dating-related events. Overall, Carson doesn’t want the world to know about her relationship or her romantic life. The actress admitted that she has never gone on a date after speaking with a dating app in a May 2019 interview with Cosmopolitan.

She then made a suggestion that she did not want to by saying, “I’m dating my career,” She said in the same interview that she didn’t want to date somebody associated with Hollywood or the entertainment sector.

“I decided around two years ago that I don’t want to date somebody in the [entertainment] profession,” the woman remarked. Therefore, as you would think, that makes it a little bit challenging.

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