Misty Loman

Undoubtedly, a Wisconsin sheriff shared Misty Loman’s images with good intentions. He intended to demonstrate the negative impacts of drug use on the body.

The Sheriff neglected to disclose Misty’s Lupus, Scleroderma, and bone cancer, though. Fortunately, many who knew Misty made comments about her ailments, uniting people to help Loman.

When Misty showed up for court in a drug-induced state, authorities detained her. They assert that they found illegal drugs on her.

The Sheriff wanted to discourage people from doing drugs, but he also succeeded in making people feel sorry for Misty, which enabled her to obtain the help she required.

Misty Loman
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Misty has quit using drugs and is making progress toward recovery

Trials in Misty Loman’s life drove her to use drugs and commit crimes. Doctors discovered she had autoimmune disorders and cancer after discovering she had lost three boys.

Until she passed away, Loman intended to use drugs. She said to WBKO:

“I didn’t intend anything. I intended to stay high till my death. I didn’t have long to live, according to the doctors, so I just went off the rails.

I could see no escape. I was feeling so down. I resisted getting up. It got so awful that I lost all of my hair. My kids were lost. I was not housed. I had hit my lowest point.

Although Loman was aware that she could seek help, she was too damaged to do so.

She said, “I didn’t want to wake up.” Loman was unable to maintain a work, so she turned to crime to fund her habit. Before she became famous, Misty spent fifteen times in and out of jail.

Thankfully, Misty tried again to become better. She entered a rehab facility, and after giving her life over to God, she was given a fresh start. Loman continued:

“Ask God for help if you’re struggling, can’t see a way out, and your mind, body, and spirit are all broken. Prayers are effective—they really are. I am living evidence of that. When you are at your weakest, God will help.

Misty has been drug-free for almost two years and is still working on her rehabilitation. Facebook users have created groups to assist Loman in prayer.

By making a donation to Misty’s GoFundMe, which raises money for her treatment and medication, you can lend your support as well.

Photos from her Facebook page demonstrate Loman’s remarkable recovery. That she is the same woman who gained notoriety two years ago is difficult to accept.

She maintains her commitment to Christianity and shares testimonials about her recovery in churches. Facebook user Kathy Shoemaker requested Loman to testify in October 2021:

“I eventually got to know her, started a new friendship with her, discovered her amazing tale of grace and restoration, and we became close.

We will be welcoming my friend Misty Loman to share her experience at our church, and I’m very delighted that my pastor agrees with me that testimonies have great power.

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