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In Kyle Beach’s lawsuit against the Chicago Blackhawks, it is made clear that Brad Aldrich, the team’s notorious coach, sexually assaulted Kyle Beach.

Additionally, it exposes the Blackhawks’ inaction towards Brad. Before revealing himself as the first plaintiff, Beach first filed the lawsuit as “John Doe 1.”

As a result of his 2014 conviction for sexual assault on a high school athlete, Aldrich is a registered sex offender.

Brad has been portrayed in Beach’s lawsuit as a violent abuser who exploited his position of authority and used threats to coerce his victims into quiet.

Brad Aldrich
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Brad works at a glass-etching business that hires interns in their early 20s

OcuGlass, a Michigan-based glass etching business with connections to colleges and universities, is led by Brad Aldrich.

The business began operations in 2013 with four people and increased to 30 within five years.

The company attributes a portion of its success to a thriving internship program, according to a March 2019 post on the website by Brad. The message says:

“OcuGlass intends to keep hiring and collaborating with college students in all facets of their operations.

We are really appreciative of the interns’ efforts and contributions and proud of how the program has developed.

Brad’s strong relationships with college interns have stoked concerns that he would commit a new crime.

Professor of psychology Elizabeth Jeglic at John Jay College called Brad’s work with interns “high-risk conduct.” She went on:

“One lesson you provide offenders is to avoid circumstances where they could have the chance to commit crimes again.

Given the accusations made against him and his conviction, I don’t believe this is a smart idea. I wouldn’t keep running these internship programs if I were in charge of them.

Aldrich must validate his details every two years as a tier two registered sexual offender. Anyone who visits the state’s database of sexual offenders can learn more about Aldrich.

Although being on the registry precludes Brand from relocating close to a public park or a school, it doesn’t substantially limit his lifestyle.

Sam Bennett, a defense lawyer, told TSN that being listed on the public registry is probably the hardest thing for Aldrich right now.

Aldrich may recruit interns “so long as they are 19+,” according to a law enforcement source in Michigan, TSN senior correspondent Rick Westhead tweeted.

Beach will continue to take legal action against Brad, which will cause more controversy. Jared Peryam, a former employee of Aldrich and a graduate of Finlandia University, is one of the few who supports Brad.

Jared told TSN, “He’s a nice guy. Everyone makes errors. It’s past now. People evolve.

In the TSN story, Brad was seen to be a happy man. He is acting as if he did nothing wrong, according to high school football coach Corey Markham. “I saw him back out at the bars… having fun.”

The Blackhawks have asked that Brad’s name be removed from the Stanley Cup

Rocky Wirtz, the chairman of the Blackhawks, asked for the removal of Aldrich’s name on the Stanley Cup in a letter to the Hockey Hall of Fame.

The request was accepted, according to a statement the Hall of Fame sent. The declaration reads:

“Today, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman and deputy commissioner Bill Daly spoke with Hockey Hall of Fame Chair Lanny McDonald about the demand to have Brad Aldrich’s name removed from the Stanley Cup.

The parties concur that this request is reasonable and that they should continue talking about the best way to carry it out.

Aldrich’s name is on the Stanley Cup because of his involvement in the squad’s 2009–10 victory.

According to a Jenner & Block inquiry, the team hierarchy declined to investigate Beach’s complaint in order to maintain the squad’s momentum on the field.

In May 2021, the Hawks’ top management discussed the issue but did nothing. Rocky stated in his plea that the Stanley Cup victory was the greatest accomplishment in ice hockey.

The Stanley Cup and all it stands for are unmatched by any other sporting trophy, the author claimed.

Kyle Beach’s struggles were made worse by the hierarchy, according to Wirtz, who also referred to Aldrich’s actions as “unforgivable.” He wrote in his conclusion:

“The Stanley Cup bears the names of some of hockey’s most gifted athletes. But so does the name “Brad Aldrich,” who qualified for engraving due to his position as a video coach.

But his behavior disqualified him and submitting his name was a mistake. We regret having allowed it to occur.

Brad Aldrich
Biography Zoom: Brad Aldrich (Source: Google)

Three parties are thinking of suing Brad and the Blackhawks

Christopher Cortese has been retained by three prospective plaintiffs who are thinking about suing Brad and the Blackhawks.

Christopher admitted to The Sports Network that he informed the Blackhawks of the accusations leveled against the team.

John Doe 3—one of the possible plaintiffs—told TSN that Brad came out as gay. According to John Doe 3, Brad served as a mentor of sorts to him. Brad allegedly abused him sexually in October 2012, according to him.

After a night of drinking, Brad allegedly offered John Doe 3 a place to stay, according to John Doe 3. When they arrived at Brad’s residence, he gave John Doe 3 the chance to try on his Stanley Cup ring.

After more drinking, John Doe 3 passed out on Brad’s couch. According to John Doe 3, when he awoke, Brad was hitting him:

He was playing with my penis when I woke up, and it was very wet. My pants were around my ankles.

He had obviously been having oral sex with me. What the fuck are you doing, I demanded after standing up. I then walked out of his apartment.

According to John Doe 3, he allegedly kept the incident quiet and used alcohol as a coping method. Brad continued to contact him, he said.

John Doe 3 continued, “He kept texting, on Facebook, on Snapchat, and I just tried to ignore him.

When an officer informed John Doe that the statute of limitations had passed, his attempt to file a report was unsuccessful.

He says the assault still has an impact on him. Since then, I haven’t been in a relationship, he claimed. “Never one. I just find it so difficult to put my trust in others.

Black Ace 1, the second prospective plaintiff, asserts that Brad sent him pornographic images.

Paul Vincent, a former Blackhawks coach, is the third prospective plaintiff. Vincent claims that after he reported Brad’s behavior, the Blackhawks intimidated him. Paul said to TSN:

And following our Stanley Cup victory, I went into a meeting with [Al MacIsaac, then vice-president of hockey operations], who informed me that he would be making me an offer for a contract that was only half of what I had been making.

They were making me pay. They didn’t appreciate that I kept urging them to call the police and report Brad Aldrich.

Vincent admitted that he felt bad about not reporting Brad. The fact that he never followed up after telling the Blackhawks about what players had informed him Aldrich had done left him feeling “burdened by shame,” he added. “And have a look at what he did after that.”

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