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Who is Jorrit Faassen?- Biography

Jorrit Faassen is a Dutch businessman who was born in Russia in 1980. At Russia’s state-run gas corporation Gazprom, he had an executive role. He had a problem, though, in 2010.

The financier Matvey Urin was severely beaten by his security. Faassen sustained critical wounds in the incident. After a police inquiry, Urin was found to be guilty and was sentenced to 7.5 years in prison.

Jorrit, on the other hand, is well known for being Mariya Putina’s husband (Endocrinologist). Vladimir Puttin, the president of Russia, has an older daughter named Mariya.

A fake film that appears to show Puttin’s kid getting the coronavirus vaccine as a volunteer has gone viral online. The Russian COVID-19 vaccine story is currently dominating online. Then, such a platform viral over the internet.

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Quick Facts of Jorrit Faassen

Full Name Jorrit Joost Faassen.
Nickname Jorrit.
Profession Businessman.
Famous For Husband of Vladimir Putin’s elder daughter Mariya Putina.
Date of Birth (DOB), Birthday 1980.
Zodiac Sign NA.

Jorrit Faassen: Bio, Age, Parents, Ethnicity

Jorrit Faassen, the spouse of Mariya Putina, was born in Russia in Jorrit Faassen. Additionally, as of 2023, he will be about 43 years old. He attended The Hague University to study architecture. He was the subject of some material published in the Moscow Times.

But some crucial information regarding his mother and father is still unavailable. He is a believer. Due to the lack of information regarding his date of birth, his solar sign (or horoscope) has yet to be updated. Jorrit Joost Faassen is his full name at birth.

Jorrit Faassen
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Relationship Status of Jorrit Faassen

In 2006, Faassen wed Puttin’s eldest daughter in the Moscow region. They still had disputes concerning their relationship. Pieter Broertjes, a Dutch mayor of the Hilversum district, requested Mariya’s deportation from the country.

The mayor also made a similar recommendation during the radio interview. Later, he declared his opinion a mistake and apologized for it. There is no child that Jorrit and Mariya have together.

The couple lives in a stunning penthouse in the affluent community in the Voorschoten area. People from the province of South Holland typically participate in the anti-Putin protest.

Earlier, it was reported that Jorrit intended to sell the village penthouse for $3 Million. Nobody in his family has ever revealed information about a penthouse sale in the past.

Facts about Jorrit Faassen

In the year 2006, Jorrit traveled to and settled in the Moscow region. He initially lived there due to his employment before moving to the province of South Holland.
He was, nevertheless, singled out because of his association with the Russian President. It occurred when Puttin was accused of being responsible for the deaths of 193 Dutch passengers on Malaysian Flight 17.
In the year 2006, Jorrit Faassen was employed by the Gazprom Group’s Business Development department.
His profile lacks information regarding his net worth as of the year 2020. He invests in commercial projects and earns a respectable living from them.
As a pediatric endocrinologist, Mariya is employed.
She attended Saint Petersburg University to study biology. She then graduated with a medical degree from Moscow State University. She enrolled in the Moscow Endocrinology Research Center, where she earned her doctorate.

In the genetic engineering division of his father’s government, Ms. Putina held the position of advisor. She pushed for the use of CRISPR to produce genetically modified offspring that would benefit the vast majority of people.
Faassen was about 5 feet 9 inches tall (176 Centimeters). The 40-year-old old’s weight is 65 kilograms as well (143 Pounds).
He is not a frequent user of the social media sites Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Puttin’s son-in-law dislikes being in the spotlight and receiving media attention.
He enjoys traveling, photography, and reading in his free time.
Before, he worked for his father-in-state-owned law businesses. The husband of Mariya Putina then started his own business.

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