Sumner Stroh

Sumner Stroh (@sumnerstroh) has recorded her plastic surgery on Instagram. She says she routinely fills her lips and cheeks. Follow for details.

Verge Agency model and social media star Somner Stroh. Over 6,000 YouTube subscribers and 464k Instagram followers. Her channel features product reviews, fashion advice, and hairstyles. She managed marketing for Bumble for almost a year. The model subscribes to OnlyFans, a monthly adult content site. She manages marketing for an accessories firm alongside her sister.

On August 11, 1999, New Braunfels, Texas welcomed Sumner Stroh. New Braunfels High School graduated her. Her mother is Tracey Ann Stroh. Baylen Stroh is her sister, Brandon and Asher are her brothers. She studied business and advertising at UT Austin from 2016 to 2020.

She recently went popular after posting a TikTok video claiming to have had a year-long affair with Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine. Fans also think Sumner Stroh has had plastic surgery. See if Sumner Stroh had plastic surgery.

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Sumner Stroh’s Lip and Cheek Fillers: The Instagram Model Reveals!

Sumner Stroh (@sumnerstroh) and her sister promoted the firm on YouTube and Instagram in 2020 with a Q&A video in which she confessed she underwent plastic surgery. Lip fillers swell her lips. This minimally invasive procedure takes only a few minutes. Filler injections are needed to maintain lip fullness. The Texan gets her lips done every six to twelve months.

The 23-year-old YouTuber also got cheek fillers in 2021 and posted a before-and-after video on Juvederm Voluma. Sumner Stroh’s sculpted look suits her natural bone shape. It plumped her drooping cheeks.

Hyaluronic acid cheek fillers are injected. Juvederm, a gel-like substance injected beneath the skin, rapidly smooths fine lines and wrinkles, softens creases, enhances contours, and restores volume for the Instagram star. Sumner Stroh posts about her plastic surgery on social media.

Reddit commenters say the Instagram model is gorgeous, but her obvious plastic surgery makes her unsettling. Her wide eyes aren’t charming or otherworldly. Her face is lengthy and aged through plastic surgery. Sumner Stroh has openly discussed her lip and cheek work on social media.

Sumner Stroh
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Adam Levine and Sumner Stroh’s Scandal!

Sumner Stroh was accused of cheating days after Behati Prinsloo announced their third pregnancy. Adam reportedly wanted to call his newborn Sumner. The 23-year-old Instagram star said on TikTok that she slept with Levine. Levine denies an affair but calls the messages foolish and stupid. Apologizing, he denied Instagram infidelity.

Due to her youth, the 23-year-old model felt deceived and used. She posted screenshots of supposedly saved texts between the 43-year-old singer and herself. Stroh’s famous TikTok video showed amorous texts hinting the two had met in person, contradicting the claims. Stroh alleges she and Levine dated for a year before losing touch for months.

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The Maroon 5 singer contacted Sumner Stroh again in June to announce that he and his eight-year-old wife were expecting their third child. Since Stroh released her messages, at least four other women, including comedian Maryka and Alyson Rose, have said Levine sent them seductive and occasionally sexual messages. After Sumner’s revelation, they released photos of their supposed Instagram discussions with the singer.

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