Veronica Montelongo

The name Veronica Montelongo is well-known in the real estate sector. She is an actor with prior experience in the US. She has a significant fan base thanks to her role in the action movie Line of Duty.

She is also well known for being Armando Montelongo’s ex-wife.

The woman’s ex-husband is a well-known public speaker and real estate tycoon in the United States. He has amassed a sizable fan base thanks to his appearances on the A&E reality programs Flip This House. The Armando Montelongo Companies, which hosts real estate investment workshops, was also founded by him.

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Is Veronica Montelongo’s marital status known?

Veronica is a beautiful woman who is also a successful actress, a patriot, and an American. Many people are therefore interested in learning more about her romantic history and affairs. She, on the other hand, leads a quiet life and frequently shuns the media. She hasn’t interacted with the media much lately due to her penchant for secrecy.

She is content with her partner, John Morales, in terms of their current romantic relationship. While they were both employed by the same company in 2012, the couple initially crossed paths. They made the decision to become engaged in June 2014 in order to advance their relationship. On each of their own social media pages, they announced their engagement.

They haven’t gotten married despite her repeated statements of their wedding plans. We might witness them accepting each other as husband and wife in the near future.

Veronica Montelongo
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Who was she Previously Married to?

The former Mr. and Mrs. Montelongo first crossed paths in 1995, and following a few years of dating, they were united in marriage in a small ceremony the following year. They even worked together on a reality show in 2005 with amazing understanding. They have a great relationship on television, but they can’t keep it going in real life.

In 2011, they got a divorce and vanished without a trace. The previous couple lived together happily for fourteen years. Despite their split, they still have one child, Mondoman Montelongo.

He is now twenty-two years old and of legal age. The couple also agreed on alimony, which was eventually made public after Armando neglected to make spousal support payments in 2016.

The agreement states that he must pay $250,000 over five years in addition to $4000 every week. With his current wife, Whitney, and their child, Armando is currently enjoying a happy marriage.

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