Who Is Kiah McKirnan? Know About The Actress Starring In Night Sky

Kiah McKirnan

In the newest season of Amazon Night Sky, Kiah McKirnan, an American actress who may be of mixed ancestry, plays the part of Denise.

Future American sci-fi drama series Night Sky is being made for Legendary Television and Amazon Studios by Daniel C. Connolly and Holden Miller.

Franklin and Irene York, a married couple, find a vortex in their garden that leads to a lifeless planet, which centers around them in the story.

“Night Sky” exhibits an understanding of clichés in both sci-fi and delayed dramas, nodding in their direction when necessary but consistently challenging them by offering original, thought-provoking twists that fit the story.

On May 20, 2022, the series will be accessible on Amazon Prime Video.

Kiah McKirnan: Who Is She?


American actress Kiah McKirnan has made appearances in a variety of films and television shows. The Night Sky series on Amazon is her most recent endeavor.

She is one of the up-and-coming artists who are still relatively unknown in the entertainment industry.

She is also not included on Wikipedia, therefore there is very little information available on her. Kiah was selected as an actor for the role of Anne Harris in the movie Mare of Easttown.

Christian Stolte, Eamonn Walker, Joe Minoso, and many other actors and actresses she collaborated with on the movie.

With “Hidden Tears: Tanya,” the actor made her feature debut in 2016. She portrayed Kiah in the movie, which caught people’s attention and helped her become well-known.

Find out Kiah McKirnan’s age and ethnicity

Although Kiah McKiernan’s precise age is unknown, based on her photographs, she appears to be in her late 20s. She also appears to be of mixed ethnicity.

In America, she was required to attend a regional county high school when she was a preadolescent.

Porscha pursued her acting career after earning a graduate degree; she had always wanted to be an actor. With “Hidden Tears: Tanya,” Kiah made her feature debut in 2016.

Learn More About Kiah McKirnan’s Parents


Speaking about her parents, Kiah McKirnan was born in the United States to middle-class business parents.

McKiernan’s mother is a good and loving mother, while her father is a business entrepreneur. She hasn’t yet made her parents’ or her relatives’ names public, though.

From an early age, Kiah has benefited from the support of her family and friends, which has encouraged her to realize her dream.

Kiah gradually gravitated toward a variety of social media platforms for her initial acting and modeling activities, especially Instagram and TikTok.

She chose TikTok for her acting and talent development while choosing Instagram for her interests in modeling and fashion.

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