Kelsey Henson and Hafthor Bjornsson

Strongman and actor Hafthor Julius Bjornsson is from Iceland. His portrayal of Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane in HBO’s Game of Thrones helped him become well-known all over the world.

When Hafthor Bjornsson won the Arnold Strongman Classic, the World’s Strongest Man, and Europe’s Strongest Man all in the same year, he created history.

Hafthor Bjornsson played basketball, but a recurring ankle problem prevented him from progressing. After quitting in 2008, he began a strongman career.

Hafthor has won a lot of national and international strongman competitions. The giant of a man, who is married to Kelsey Henson, has also found love.

This essay will examine Kelsey and Hafthor’s relationship and their potential future together.

In Alberta, Canada, Kelsey, and Hafthor first met in a restaurant

On March 5, 1990, Kelsey Henson was born in Alberta, Canada. Henson attended the University of Alberta to study occupational health and safety.

Kelsey worked as a waitress and a construction safety officer after graduating.

After visiting Kelsey’s restaurant while competing in a strongman competition, Hafthor and Kelsey became friends.

Hafthor was recognizable to Kelsey as a character from Game of Thrones, so she requested a photo. Since their first encounter in September 2017 at Earls Kitchen & Bar, the couple has been dating.

Despite their extreme size disparity, the pair got along well. Kelsey is 5’2″ and 53 kg, while Bjornsson is 6’9″ and weighs 200 kg.

Given their size disparity, one Instagram user questioned how the pair managed to kiss in a remark on one of the couple’s images in December 2017. He bends, I tiptoe, Kelsey said in response. Or simply tell them, “F— it, pick me up!”

After they met, Kelsey quit her waitressing job in Alberta and pursued bodybuilding alongside Hafthor.

The pair wed in 2018, and they jointly own a gym

On October 20, 2018, Kelsey and Hafthor released Instagram images in which they revealed their nuptials.

The couple was wed on August 24, 2018, based on Instagram posts they made on the occasion. On August 25, 2019, Kelsey shared a snapshot of the couple along with the caption:

“Thank you for all of the adventures, the ups, and downs, learning experiences, and curves. Thank you for pushing me and motivating me to be my best.

Thank you for showing me the meaning of true love and all it encapsulates. I’m so excited to see what the future holds for us! Time truly does fly when you are having fun!”

Thor’s Power Gym is run by Kelsey and the current Arnold Strongman Classic champion. The couple frequently Instagrams pictures from their exercises.

Kelsey is developing a reputation as a fitness expert and presently has 447K followers on Instagram.

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On September 26, 2020, Kelsey and Hafthor had their first child

Late in September 2020, Kelsey and Hafthor made the announcement that they had given birth to a child on September 26, 2020.

Hafthor presented a thorough account of the boy’s birth, from Kelsey’s water breaking to the beginning of labor to the baby’s healthy arrival at 11:19 a.m.

Kelsey received appreciation from Hafthor for her courage throughout the procedure:

“Things escalated super quickly. Throughout it all she did amazing. She was in complete control of her mind and body.

She had strong opinions on exactly what she wanted and where she wanted to be. I am completely in awe of how strong she is, and so proud of her for everything she did to prepare herself throughout her pregnancy.

It cannot be put into words how proud I am and how I feel about this experience.”

Kelsey referred to giving birth as “the most amazing, life-changing, empowering thing” she has ever done in her essay.

The couple was supposed to announce the baby’s name, but Hafthor never followed through.

The boy’s development may be followed on the couple’s Instagram pages as well as a page Kelsey made to document her motherhood.

“All things pregnancy, baby, and family,” reads the description on the page @uncensoredmommy.

We learn through the page that she had to give up several things for her kid, such as taking lengthy bubble baths. She shared a picture of herself bathing her child on April 7, 2021, along with the caption:

“This is what my bathtime now looks like. Time alone? in a restroom? HA. Avoid making me chuckle. I genuinely enjoy spending bath nights with my child.

He and my cat both adore the water. Do I miss taking luxuriously lengthy bubble baths? I do, for sure. Would I make any changes? Never. (However, I am eagerly anticipating my first lavish bubble bath since having my kid, lol.)

A gender reveals video that Kelsey and Hafthor released on Instagram revealed that they would be expanding their family.

In the video, Hafthor popped a black balloon Kelsey was holding, sending blue confetti flying. Hafthor appeared to be very happy about the thought of having a boy.

Despite being his first with Kelsey, it will be Hafthor’s second child. Theresa Lif, his daughter with ex-girlfriend Thelma Steinmann, was born.

Kelsey Henson with her family
Biography Zoom: Kelsey Henson with her family (Source: Instagram)

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