Has Futives released their face yet? People are curious to find out about his appearance. We’ll try to find out more about him here.

A well-known streamer and internet influencer named Futives broadcasts his gaming to amuse viewers.

Aside from that, he has captivated the audience by refusing to acknowledge his followers. He solely broadcasts his gaming and playtime.

His admirers have no idea what he looks like because he doesn’t utilize a face cam while streaming.

He is well known for playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare a lot and for having a sharp sense of humor.

Twitch: Futives Face Reveal


Although he has been seen uploading a variety of gaming videos to his YouTube channel with the tagline “Futives Face reveal,” the streamer has not yet shown his face.

When the streamer achieves the objective he has set for himself, perhaps he will divulge it. He has so far been successful in using the title and thumbnail to attract a sizable audience.

With almost 850k subscribers, AD Futives has come a long way since joining YouTube on April 7, 2014.

On Twitch, another streaming platform where he mainly conducts live sessions, we could observe him similarly. At the moment, he is posting quick gameplay videos to YouTube.

And he plays battle-ground games in TPP mode the majority of the time.

Futives Age And Real Name: Has He Revealed It?


His real name, which he has so far managed to keep secret, has always piqued the interest of his fans.

He keeps a very low profile, making it difficult to keep track of his true age, identity, and other details.

It may be inferred from his videos and voice acting that he is between the ages of 22 and 28.

He appears to be in his early adult years because of the maturity in both his material and voice.

He currently uses the Instagram account @futives to post content. Although he has only made one post on the platform, he has approximately 25k followers despite his lack of activity.

Similarly, he has the handle @futiveslol on Twitter.

In addition, you can follow his Futives YouTube account. More than 800,000 people subscribe to him.

Not only that, but you can view his online stream on his 250k-follower Twitch account. It’s noteworthy to note that his Twitch and Youtube channels are also confirmed.

Futives Girlfriend Reveal: Who Is He Dating?

Futives’ relationship is unknown at this time, but he frequently engages in flirtatious behavior with other e-gamer girls on his broadcast.

Since he has kept his personal information private and does not frequently discuss it, there is no proof that he actually has a girlfriend.

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