Melina Goransson

It’s claimed that Melina Goransson and Destiny are splitting up. Because of their open marriage, Destiny’s previous relationships with Ana Voir have caused friction in their union.

Additionally, Destiny, a full-time singer, and streamer appears to have wed Melina in 2021.

They have been dating each other for a while, two of them. So they made the decision to get married.

Melina is 23 years old, and Destiny is 33 years old. Ten years separate the couple’s respective relationships.

But both appear to have strong chemistry and understanding. However, as they appear to tell their love story on YouTube, there aren’t many scrimmages in a marriage.

What is the truth behind the Melina Goransson and Destiny breakup rumor?

Melina Goransson and her boyfriend Destiny are still together. They both appear to have a strong bond. In 2021, the couple became legally married.

Goransson and her partner have a close bond. Before he started dating a fellow Twitch streamer, Anna Voir, the stalker from Destiny, followed him all the time and complicated his life.

Anna claims that Melina has threatened her, though. Sportsskeeda claimed that she believed destiny’s partner posed a threat to her.

She says that if she shows up dead or hurt, it will be her fault.

Melina, Destiny’s companion, most certainly read Ana’s conversation logs, which prompted her to issue Ana a severe warning.

Therefore, it appears that the twitch streamer couple is still together.

However, the 2021 tweet claims that they are engaged to be married, although Destiny has not yet verified this.

Is there a new girlfriend for Destiny?

Melina Goransson is a Swedish national. She is a social media influencer and twitch streamer.

She is a 23-year-old gamer and streamer who started her career by posting memorable photos of herself on Instagram.

The millennial influencer currently has about 285k Instagram followers. She has spent more than two years with the Twitch influencer and streamer Destiny.

She has been in a relationship with Destiny for a number of years.

Both appear to have a passion for attracting attention through gaming and content development.

She currently resides in Miami, but she intends to move to Austin soon.

She enjoys spending time with her girlfriend, the accomplished influencer and streamer Destiny.

Melina Goransson with her husband
Biography Zoom: Melina Goransson with her husband (Source: Instagram)

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Who Is Destiny?

A 33-year-old Twitch broadcaster and Youtuber by the name of Destiny, he was once known as Steven Kenneth Bonnell II.

He is American and is from Omaha, Nebraska. He has almost 446k YouTube subscribers and has been active since 2016.

Similar to this, his articles focus on political arguments, individuals, and video games. He has a Cuban-American heritage.

The author of the text grew up in a Nebraska Catholic household.

He also enrolled at the University of Nebraska, where he studied music and worked as a restaurant manager during the late-night hours of a casino.

He left his education behind because he was unable to balance work and study.

Melina Goransson
Biography Zoom: Melina Goransson (Source: Instagram)

Additionally, the Swedish star streamer Melina and the Twitch streamer have an open marriage. The couple is cohabiting in Miami.

He is a gifted musician who knows how to play the guitar, saxophone, and keyboard.

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