Rapper Nelly, a well-known performer in the 1990s who won nine Billboard Music Awards and three Grammys, is no longer a household name. Nelly has made enormous contributions to hip-hop and R&B music, in addition to being a performer and businessman.

He became one of the top-charting rappers thanks to his debut album Country Grammar and the albums that came after it, Nellyville.

The hip-hop trio St. Lunatics, which he founded in 1993, was his first professional endeavor after being born Cornell Iral Haynes Jr. on November 2, 1974, in Austin, Texas. However, in 2000, he decided to pursue a solo career.

Before multiple infractions and allegations of sexual abuse gripped the rapper and soon brought about his downfall, Cornell’s fame and skill only continued to rise. Despite being the father of four children, Nelly has never been married.

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Is Nelly the rapper’s love life revealed?

Back then, despite the fact that his fans’ curiosity about his personal life was rising, Nelly largely kept it a secret. This changed with the release of Nellyville, a reality television series that followed Nelly’s personal life and exposed some shocking facts about the rapper’s existence.

The rapper’s off-screen family relationships were made public via the reality series. In the movie Nellyville, the rapper was portrayed as a loving father of four children and a devoted lover to actress Shantel Jackson, who supported the Dilemma singer during a trying moment in his life. They continued to be a legendary long-term couple up until last year.

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Did Nelly and Jackson break up?

Fans were shocked when Nelly and Jackson announced their breakup in July of last year after dating for two years. Nelly mentioned the prospect of getting engaged and referred to Shantel as “the one” in late 2020. When a fan asked Jackson if she and the rapper were still dating, the Freelancer actress replied, “No, we’re not, just friends,” revealing the stunning news of the couple’s breakup through Instagram.

However, the split-up couple still has a cordial connection, for what it’s worth. The singer of the song “Dilemma” once said about how Jackson helped him out when he participated in season 29 of Dancing with the Stars.

Nelly believes that looking back on his relationship with Jackson, they were first just friends, which allowed them to keep their spark alive for a very long period. They are childless as a couple.

Who are the kids of Nelly?

Although the rapper was depicted in Nellyville as the proud father of four children, it quickly became clear that only two of those kids were actually his genuine offspring.

Nelly’s daughter Chanelle, also known as Nana, and son Cornell III, sometimes known as Tre, grew up with their cousins Sydney and Shawn, who were born to Nelly’s sister. When the rapper’s sister tragically passed away from leukemia, he welcomed his niece and nephew into his home.

Jackie Donahue, Nelly’s sister, received a leukemia diagnosis in 2001, and she passed away from the illness in 2005. The rapper-turned-entrepreneur and his sister had a close relationship, and after she passed away, he long shied away from discussing her. Later, Nelly remembered being furious when he learned the news. Without hesitation, Nelly took up legal custody of his sister’s children.

“That is why families are there. We assemble the pieces, shape one another, and aid in one another’s development “Nelly spoke. However, it appears that of his four children, Chanelle, also known as Nana, who aspires to be a singer and businesswoman, Nelly shares the closest bond.

Tre was a devoted high school football player the last time we heard about him. The man is currently out of the spotlight. Nelly’s niece Sydney is an aspiring model and a mother of one, while his nephew Shawn is a YouTuber. The Just a Dream singer hasn’t revealed who the mother of his kids is.

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