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Veteran of reality television Natalie Nunn is embroiled in a hot-button threesome affair that apparently caused her husband, Jacob Payne, to leave her two weeks before Christmas.

The trio met up in the United Kingdom in September 2018 while the former member of Bad Girls Club was filming Celebrity Big Brother UK.

Chloe Ayling, Natalie Nunn’s housemate, spilled the beans to The Sun about a drunken steamy s*x session she had with Dan Osborne and Natalie Nunn at a hotel.

Dan cheated on Jacqueline by sleeping with Natalie and me. According to Chloe Ayling, The Sun. We had all consumed a lot of alcohol when a threesome occurred.

He kissed me and engaged in a s*x act on me after having full s*x with Natalie in front of me in the restroom. We were inebriated and had a wild time; it was a debauched night.

Journey Ruth Payne, age 2, is the couple’s only child. Natalie Nunn, 34, has been married to Arena League Arizona Rattlers star Jacob Payne for seven years.

The Marriage Boot Camp star responded to Chloe Ayling’s accusations on Monday by posting a picture of her and Jacob kissing and writing how much she loves him.

People will smile at you on the outside, but deep down they can’t bear to see you happy. You have my undying love, Mr. Payne. On December 9, Natalie Nunn sent an email.

After the trio’s existence was revealed, pictures of Jacob Payne allegedly seeking a divorce and leaving the California marital residence emerged. But Natalie is working to keep her union intact.

On December 3, she posted an emotional message that read, “You’re my best friend! My child’s father is my hubby! You sit on the throne, and no matter what happens in this world, you are my?!

This world is crazy, but you’ve always brought me serenity. Despite any adversity, you remain resilient to guard your?!! This storm will pass as well, but in the interim, won’t we just keep dancing in the rain together? I cherish you, Mr. Jacob Payne. Natalie composed.

Chloe Ayling, 22, claims that she revealed the trio a year later because she was unable to bear witness to Dan Osborne’s wife Jacqueline Jossa’s continued suffering. “Jacqueline is in my thoughts so often.

She has a right to understand who Dan is. She is humiliated by him.

Mia, one, and Ella, four, are the former TOWIE star’s children with the EastEnders actress. Teddy, his six-year-old son from a previous relationship, is also his child.

Natalie Nunn
Biography Zoom: Natalie Nunn (Source: Instagram)

Added Chloe Ayling

Dan was self-centered after it happened. What had just transpired in front of everyone didn’t seem to bother him.

“I clearly recall Dan telling me he had to leave because he was spending the day with Jacqueline and the kids and it felt so awkward after what had transpired. Since then, I’ve regretted it.

Dan joined us after dinner, and together we visited two nightclubs before returning to the hotel in the early morning hours.

There are photos of Natalie and I kissing while we’re out. We took more alcohol upstairs and consumed more in the lobby.

It was incredibly intoxicated. Natalie had expressed interest in having s*x with Dan earlier in the evening, and when we arrived upstairs, she gave it a go.

While having s*x with Natalie, he started yelling my name. At the time, it seemed like we were just having a good time, but looking back, I see how incorrect I was.

She added that she had only shared after finding that the details of the night had been leaked.

“Dan certainly loves Jacqueline because they are married, yet that night he had a s*xual encounter with Natalie right in front of me.

Dan is making a fool of himself, and Jacqueline needs to recognize him for what he is. He ought to be devoted to his wife. Afterward, I was horrified, and I feel bad about what I did.

“For me, it was an inebriated error. Just to clear the air, I wanted to say that I was with Dan that night. Jacqueline ought to be aware.

Natalie Nunn's family
Biography Zoom: Natalie Nunn’s family (Source: Instagram)

Another insider provided details of the outing, saying:

Dan was heard making flirtatious comments about how much he loved Rihanna and how Natalie reminded him of her when they were in the club.

They entered the hotel room to see a lot of s*xual activity going on. Dan didn’t seem troubled when he just informed Jacqueline that he was staying at a friend’s house, despite the girls’ concerns that she would find out.

A Jacqueline-related source who has dealt with prior claims against her husband revealed the following:

Jacqueline has supported Dan despite all the rumors and charges. Jacqueline has always supported him and had faith in him, but what Chloe said might cause Jacqueline to lose it. The biggest test of their relationship will be this.

Dan Osborne, on the other hand, refutes the threesome’s existence and attacked the accusations on Instagram.

The father of three has also been writing encouraging notes to his wife, who was away at the time of the allegations filming I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here.

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