Big Meech

The Black Mafia Family distributed drugs at the height of their business in towns throughout eleven states.

Even a conflict between the company’s two leaders, Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory and his brother Lee “Southwest T” Flenory, wouldn’t be enough to bring it down.

The brothers began selling narcotics in high school and over time built a drug enterprise that brought in over $270 million.

A slew of errors let cops know about the operation. The police persuaded offenders to become informants in order to compile evidence against the hundreds of parties involved.

Big Meech and Southwest T were sentenced to 30 years in jail after entering guilty pleas to drug-related charges.

Big Meech was exposed by Omari “O-Dog” McCree and William “Doc” Marshall

Police used the information provided by Omari “O-Dog” McCree and William “Doc” Marshall to compile a case against Big Meech and Southwest T.

Former BMF employee Dexter “Sosa” Hussey spoke with DJ Vlad about the organization’s demise. He claimed that McCree informed the authorities that Big Meech had given him cocaine.

Rapper Blue Davinci said to DJ Vlad that Omari provided details regarding Big Meech’s business.

He decided against testifying during the trial, but the harm had already been done. Blue claimed that the man would divulge knowledge that would shorten his term.

“I don’t know why he changed his mind, but he never appeared in court. It didn’t matter because he had already disclosed the information. He kept telling.

William “Doc” Marshall was the key witness for the government. Sosa told DJ Vlad, “Oh my God, guy [Marshall] was the worst.”

After the brothers’ argument, Sosa helped Meech and Southwest get back in touch.

Being in charge of distribution while Meech handled supply from the Mexican cartels put him in the center of the drug enterprise.

On the morning of their trial, Meech and Southwest reached agreements thanks to his help with the police. The following is a quote from The Gangster Report regarding BMF:

The Flenory was finally compelled to enter plea deals on the morning before their trial was scheduled to start in November 2007 as a result of Marshall’s choice to work with the government.

Omari was granted parole after serving less than five years of his 15-year sentence. He was charged with assault in 2011 after hitting his girlfriend and her friend. His whereabouts remain a mystery.

William Marshall overdosed on cocaine and passed away in a Westland, Michigan, jail cell.

He began experiencing a seizure an hour or so after being taken into custody for having marijuana and cocaine. The paramedics called and the on-duty cop declined to assist Marshall.

Only after he had already passed away did the jail personnel try to revive him.

Wayne County was compelled by a court to compensate the Marshall family for the wrongful death of William Marshall by paying them $3.75 million.

Rapper T.I. was exonerated of the snitching claims made against him by Big Meech in a letter to Straight From The A. Meech reported:

“I have to go right to the point because I personally have a problem with people assassinating a true stand-up dude character, namely T.I., for saying that he is a “SNITCH” when we are in the information age and there is absolutely no public record of this man being a “SNITCH.”

Big Meech
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After having his sentence reduced by three years by a judge, Big Meech is scheduled to be released in 2028

Only Big Meech and Fleming’ Ill’ Daniels are still behind bars out of everyone who was jailed for their involvement in BMF.

Following a review of the sentencing guidelines, Meech’s sentence was lowered from 360 to 324 months.

Because of the non-violent character of his crimes and his dedication to rehabilitation, Meech earned a reprieve, according to a court document filed by his attorney Brittany Barnett.

“YES! You now know that this BMF show is going to change everything on television for the worst! In response to the decision, 50 Cent wrote a song.

Meech had tried unsuccessfully to get his sentence reduced prior to that decision.

He claimed that he was eligible for an early release in February 2021 since he ran the danger of contracting the coronavirus while incarcerated. Despite the support of politicians and celebrities, Big Meech was not granted early release.

While incarcerated, Big Meech has undergone many significant changes.

He changed his name to Big Herm, received his GED, and finished classes in parenting, money management, and health awareness.

Additionally, he changed the name of BMF to “Building More Families,” a group dedicated to fostering community.

Prosecutors opposed his request for compassionate release due to his erratic disciplinary history, which included drug usage, time spent in solitary prison, and illegal possession of a cell phone and a small piece of a razor.

Wade Fink, Meech’s attorney, told The Detroit News that “with due respect to these jurists, whom I like, this ruling utterly missed the line.”

I largely owe that to the dishonest actions of some prosecutors in this case, who turned my client into a monster akin to what you might see in a box office.

Southwest T has had considerably greater luck in having his sentence reduced than Meech has.

Prior to being granted compassionate release by the authorities because of the coronavirus, Judge Avern Cohn first shortened his sentence by six years. His sentence will be served out in house arrest.

Terry is having fun playing himself in 50 Cent’s BMF Starz series. Southwest posted the following on Instagram in honor of the show’s renewal for a second season:

“I personally want to thank you @davinchi for portraying my character in such a fantastic way. It is crucial that we all continue to encourage and develop one another.

Big Meech
Biography Zoom: Big Meech (Source: Google)

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