Sister Wives’ Season 16

Sukanya Krishnan, the host of this week’s Sister Wives last one-on-one special event with the Brown Family, probes the adults further.

What inquiries will Robyn Brown, Janelle Brown, Christine Brown, Meri Brown, Kody Brown, or Meri Brown have to answer tonight?

To discuss Season 16, Kody Brown and each of his wives have separate meetings with the host (filmed in the summer of 2020 through January of 2021).

Each adult is interviewed as video samples of their real-time responses are interleaved, but the interviews are one-on-one.

Kody and Christine Discuss Divorce

Christine Brown declares that “my heart is done being broken” after having to make a choice for her heart.

According to Kody, Christine moved away and left him. He claims that their marriage has ended. Kody claims to love her but is unsure of what to do.

He wants to enter the grief stage so that he may get over his anger and move on. The rest of the family will feel “some relief,” according to Kody.

Because “there are two functioning people who could figure it out,” Robyn deems it “a waste.” Because Christine and her kids are a part of Robyn’s “grand vision,” Robyn feels upset and disappointed.

Janelle asserts that both sides attempted, in contrast to Robyn. Janelle makes an effort to remain neutral. Meri is unsure of how to respond to it.

Kody Interrogates Polygamy

According to Kody, some other fundamentalist families handle it better than he does. He, therefore, wonders if some are simply more adept at navigating cognitive dissonance than he is.

Videos of Kody’s breakdown over the course of the season are displayed. He eventually comes to the conclusion that polygamy is no longer for him because of the ongoing conflict between the wives.

Kody desired the love of his wife for one another.

Sister Wives
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Kody pursues Christine

Kody acknowledges that Christine was leading two lives—a public one advocating polygamy and a private one in which she expressed a desire to leave—even at the beginning of the Sister Wives series in Lehi.

Christine’s claims should have been verified, according to Kody, but he didn’t. Kody says he was “furious as hell” after hearing her admission.

Kody claims that he often wonders why God would want him to live this way since the world is “such a mess now.” He claims, “It has really made me doubt the lifestyle itself and sent me reeling. It’s difficult. Christine wishes to leave.

Throughout the pandemic, Janelle had many doubts about polygamy, but now she’s back in. And Robyn wonders if Kody will divorce her as well as the rest of his wives. Meri is adamant about staying.

Kody is sorry for the way he handled his wives’ anger and hurt due to polygamy. Instead of listening and showing empathy, he should have done both.

After polygamy was made legal in Utah, Sukanya tries to sort through the mixed feelings and frustrations that everyone felt about leaving Flagstaff or relocating to Utah.

Christine was surprised when Kody, who had appeared to support her in private, didn’t agree with her in the family discussion.

Later, Kody attempted to make amends by claiming that he was stoic during the chat, but Christine didn’t buy it. Kody acknowledges that one of his issues was that he was unaware of what was happening and what was being said.

He wasn’t hearing it from Christine. Kody claimed that he had been hearing whispers about Christine leaving for years through his kids and other wives. Robyn was unaware that Christine was finished if she didn’t get to return to Utah.

Robyn didn’t realize Christine was talking about leaving and talking about Kody while she was just a few feet away “looking at the mountains” with Meri.

Robyn, Kody, and Janelle were also present. Since they relocated to Las Vegas, more than nine to ten years ago, Christine had been whining, but Kody was unaware of how bad it was (and the length of the Sister Wives show.)

Christine was aware that she couldn’t remain in a union like Meri’s.

Kody Retains Anger

Kody enjoyed Christine’s lively personality when she first joined the family and was grateful for how she made parenting Janelle and Meri easier.

Christine claims that she constantly felt obligated to say yes in order to please Kody. And once she began saying no, everything changed. Christine claims that Kody was truly unsure of how to handle her and her changing of roles.

Christine learned how upset Kody was while they were both in counseling. Oh my god, you retain grudges for a lot longer than I do, she exclaims.

Much longer Kody, though, disputes it and states, “I don’t hold grudges. No, if someone claims that I harbor resentment, they are lying.

They have no idea who I am. They don’t recognize me. Kody tells Sukanya, “I don’t want to talk about Christine anymore,” after a little while longer.

Christine claims that Kody informed her that their marital intimacy would “probably not” happen. Christine believed there were numerous ailments.

Additionally, there are clips of Kody, who discovers boxes in the garage bearing his name but is unsure of what is occurring. Kody asked Christine to respond to the rumors the kids had been spreading.

And Kody is upset that Christine revealed information to the cameras in her video journal that she withheld from him.

Christine appeared to be stabbing Kody in the back. But out of concern that she would leave, he never had the chat with her. Kody never said, “I don’t want you to leave,” to Christine.

Kody admits that he didn’t want Christine to go. Instead of notifying others about her wanting to leave, he wanted her to talk to him about it.

Christine feels liberated during this time. Kody is devastated and overcome with sorrow and despair.

The Browns are allegedly filming Season 17 right now. What do you think will happen to the family after another season of Sister Wives?

Robyn Discusses Family Matters

Robyn believed that most of the fractures had been fixed or at least tried to be fixed when she joined the family. She soon realized, however, that this was untrue.

Their attitude Robyn was, “I’m here. I’m dedicated. She put as much effort into making things right as she could.

There was, in Robyn’s opinion, “a lack of effort to figure things out.” They avoided dealing with the situation as a result.

Kody does appear to acknowledge that Robyn is depressed since she initially thinks the best of everyone before realizing differently.

And over time, she has absorbed the majority of the problems with the other wives.

Robyn Brown
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