Pearl Ozaria

To Know About Pearl Ozaria NYC, Bel Fries Assault Video, And Arrest

One of the three women who attacked a worker at the New York City eatery Bel Fries was Pearl Ozaria.

The women launched everything in their near vicinity at the restaurant, launching an all-out assault.

After having a disagreement with the employees about an excess sauce, three women attacked Bel Fries in Manhattan. The event was caught on camera when the women asked for more ketchup while they were still eating their fries.

The New York City Police Department has identified the three women as Pearl Ozaria, Chitara Plasencia, and Tattiyana Johnson.

There is no information at this time regarding these other people. They came across as rather aggressive in the video, treating the trashing of the restaurant’s property as if it were some sort of rivalry.

The initial act of the attack is thought to have been carried out by Pearl. The oldest of the two women, who was 27 years old, decided to have some fries at Bel Fries. She was thought to be close friends with the other two women.

They did, however, ask for an extra sauce at the same price, which they were unable to offer for no charge. The server, therefore, asked them to pay an extra $1.75, but they refused.

They destroyed the entire area as a direct result of this.

Details of Pearl Ozaria’s Arrest

The New York Police Department arrested Pearl Ozaria and two of her other close friends.

Authorities are said to have detained three women who were caught on tape trashing a Manhattan Bel-Fries restaurant and tossing various objects at the personnel. The event was recorded on video.

These women would not be in this situation right now if they had paid the $1.75 instead of starting the altercation. There was little information provided by the authorities on those women.

One of them is Pearl Ozaria, the oldest member of the group. At 27 years old, she. The other two are Tattiyana Johnson and Chitara Plasencia, who are both female and 25 and 23 years old, respectively.

Who Is New York City’s Pearl Ozaria?

One of the three women accused of assaulting a waitress at the New York City Bel Fries establishment is named Pearl. With everything they had, the women launched an assault on the eatery.

According to the New York Police Department, the two other ladies are named Chitara Plasencia and Tattiyana Johnson (NYPD).

They were asked to pay an additional amount for sauce, which is when the incident occurred.

There is currently no fresh information about these women that can be disclosed. The footage shows them behaving aggressively and wreaking havoc on the area around the restaurant as if it were a game.

It’s believed that the individual who started the attack was Pearl Ozaria.

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