#FreeSpeed: YouTuber IShowSpeed was detained by Cincinnati police as the entire incident was being streamed live on his channel. A #FreeSpeed movement has been started online in response to this.

Ishowspeed, a well-known Twitch, and YouTube streamer was detained yesterday at his Cincinnati home. When a few police officers swarmed and surrounded him while he was streaming on YouTube, an arrest resulted.

The Youtuber just stood there in surprise and disbelief. “My gosh, dude. I took no action. I did nothing wrong. Dear God, “He said as the police handcuffed him.

His cameraman recorded all that happened on a video. The video is currently very popular online.

The Actual Cause of IShowSpeed’s Swat and Arrest

The Cincinnati police may be seen handcuffing and arresting IShowSpeed in video footage.

The YouTuber was detained, according to a number of media sites, after an unidentified person flagged him as a potential complaint. The cause of his arrest has not yet been officially confirmed.

Additionally, according to his Wikitubia bio, he has been detained for either making a false police report or setting a PS5 on fire in his backyard. The YouTuber has committed similar offenses in the past, but no police officers have ever apprehended him in such a manner. Therefore, it is most likely for a different reason this time.

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The majority of his supporters think that an unidentified person’s bogus reports led to his detention. The presence of swatting indicates that someone provided false information on major illegal or federal activities.

Fans go crazy on Reddit and Twitter after the IShowSpeed Mugshot and Charges
As far as we know, IShowSpeed is not being charged with anything. His arrest warrant photo is trending on Twitter.

A police officer requested his videographer to stop filming during the arrest until the matter was settled. As a result, they are likely looking into certain problems, and the streamer will probably soon be released.

The controversy surrounding IShowSpeed’s interactions with the police is not new. But this time, it appears to be more serious, and his supporters are worried.

The hashtag #FreeSpeed is currently trending on Twitter and Reddit. On social media, thousands of his fans have already posted inquiries.

IShowSpeed Age and true name

The real name of IShowSpeed is Darren Watkins Jr. Most people refer to him as “Speed” or “Speedy.”

Biography Zoom: IShowSpeed (Source: Google)

He was born and reared in Cincinnati, Ohio, and each year on January 21 marks his birthday. His lavish and irate demeanor during gaming and entertainment live streams helped him become quite famous.

Social Media Presence

The streamer started his YouTube channel in 2016, although his first video wasn’t uploaded until December 21 of that same year. He struggled with his followers and material for almost four years until beginning to achieve success in 2021.

Currently, IShowSpeed’s Youtube channel has more than 10 million subscribers. But his Twitch channel has already been blocked.

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